Mr Pun VC

I have got Mr Pun VC and his wife and friends coming around for Christmas lunch, as they were going to be sat on their own. I thought it good to show them what a christmas family lunch meant. I was going to arrange a few christmas cards for him, which i have done, but for obvious security reasons could not post my mailing address here. So thought if anyone wishes to mail him a christmas greeting or e card here then i will make sure that after the Queens speech (bless him he posted her and Prince Charles a card yesterday!) I will sit and run through them with him.

Up to you folks really!. He is in good health with eyesight in both eyes now, and a hearing aid that is doing the trick. I watched him give THE most inspirational talk to a bunch of school kids recently, who were hanging on his every word!! Since he has got his health back he is truly incredible. He was telling them stories in a way that you remember only your grandad could have done, and reinforcing that they are the hope and future of tomorrow! You could have heard a pin drop, and then they were all clapping and cheering. Seemed to bring smoke in the eyes and some strange lump in the throat!

Merry christmas folks. I will send you his message on the 25th!
Please wish Mr Pun VCand his wife and friends 'Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year'. All the best to him, and to you, for 2008. Hope it brings you all what you would have wished for yourselves.
As someone who has followed Mr Pun's situation from afar (septic side of pond) I am really pleased that things are working out well for him. I sent a letter to your PM (no idea if he cares about US coments) and also sent a few prayers his way also.

Please tell him that people around the world wish him well. I have no idea if Gurkhas celebrate Christmas but if they do tell him Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

We should all do what we can for real heroes, esp VC/MoH

Merry Christmas to you too and to all who helped mr. Pun
As they used to say: You're a good egg.

Wish him Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from an American ex-para (to use the UK term). And the same to you and yours as well.

All the very best to Mr Pun V C and his family I hope he remains in good health for many years to come. As a side note I only learned last night that if you are a recipient of the Medal Of Honour in the USA you get Free internal Flights across the U.S. I hope Mr. Pun and his family are treated in a similar maner. Merry Christmas Mr. Pun Sir. Martin Hussarrrrr :D


Tigs2, Sir, I take my hat off to you. :worship:

To Mr Pun VC; May I wish you, your family and friends all the very best for this festive season.

A very merry Christmas and a happy new year to Mr Pun VC and family, and to Tigs2 (terrific thought m8)

All the very best :)
Really nice to hear Tigs2, well done and merry Christmas.

God bless you Mr. Pun VC and a very merry Christmas to you, your wife and everyone that matters to you sir.
Christmas greetings to Mr & Mrs Pun bless you and thank you , you are an insparation to us all.

Tigs2 well done sir ! now who's carving the turkey ?

Tigs2, thank you for looking after a national hero and his family. Please do pass on to Mr Pun VC and his wife:

"Sir, thank you for all your sacrifices and heroism for our future. May I wish you, your wife and all your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. In gratitude, Always. "
All the Seasons Greetings to Mr Pun VC and his Family. Thanks for all your work Tigs 2 Merry Christmas to you and your kin.
See if you can get a picture of him p1ssing, we can auction it off :D
minister_doh_nut said:
See if you can get a picture of him p1ssing, we can auction it off :D
Roughly translated as "We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year".
Tigs 2
A very good and sincere thing your doing and I hope all goes well for the day, please pass on the following, I hope I have it right if not please also give my apologies as it is a long time since I used Nepali

namaste, timilai kasto cha?

which if I have it right is something along the lines of Hello, how are you?

A very Merry Christmas And a Prosperous New Year to you all and have a terrific day
Seasons Greetings to Mr Pun VC, his family and friends.

Tigs, it was a very nice thought to make the invitatation. I'm sure you will also enjoy the day!
According to Google, "Krist Yesu Ko Shuva Janma Utsav Ko Upalaxhma Hardik Shuva & Naya Barsa Ko harkik Shuvakamana" Pun Bahadur Sahib.

It's truly an honour, Sir.
Well done Tigs, this is a wonderful gesture very much in line with the Christmas spirit.

Mr Pun: Thank you for serving our country so well, and I wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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