Mr Pun VC

minister_doh_nut said:
He was outraged at the outrageous threads appearing on here of late and asked me not to tell you
Well I'm outraged that he was outraged at the outragious threads on here of late that made you outraged & I hope you recover from the outrage that made you outraged. 8O
Failing that,Dy'a want my lil sister?
spike7451 said:
Look,one of the girls here at work read in the paper that he was ill & was asking if he's still kicking,alwight!

That is a tremendous slur on a fine man's character. I am certain that he only ever commited an assault in wartime!
I'm surprised that some oily 'snake' has not appeared from under a dog-turd infested stone and charged this old gentleman with some 'crime' against:

'Elf & Safety;

'Uman Rights; or'

Some dreamt up 'racist' charge - maybe, being nasty to 'Japs'.

It'll happen, mark my words posters, it'll happen.

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