Mr Potatoead Cup in black

In this auction you can bid for a Mr Potatohead Cup in black.

Some years ago you could simply order these on ARRSE, now they're very hard to find.

Cup is in as new condition, kindly donated by Legs.


Auction will end Monday, 11th of November, 20:00 UK time.

Thank you for your support !

By bidding or taking part in the auctions in any way, you approve tacitly the Auction Rules.​


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£40 and if my other bid fails I'll still pay this one and put this one back in..... £50 AJ and I'll back off.... ;-)
Has it been rimmed?


If Wales beat South Africa tomorrow I'll double it...unfortunately, I don't think that'll be happening.


Hey, of course they will win !!!

Don't tell me different. :omfg:
If they do then you get the oner plus the mug to re-auction...and I'll be both deliriousy happy and blind drunk:grin:

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