Mr potato head

Mr Mushroomhead is showing it's age. I think a new "up to date" logo is needed.

Have a nice day.
It's a potato on my mugs and t-shirts.

When will Hasbro go bust so we can go back?


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Do we have to start an on-line epetition to "Save Mr Mushroom Head" ?
My mug got broke by some clumsy **** at work :frustrated: and lost my Badge too :(
Mine are both in excellent nick. A testament to the quality, given that my "Bang On The Door" Hippo mugs (bought at about the same time) are chipped to hell.
That mans got an incorrect number of studs in the sole of his boot!
And what's worse is that "man" is a potato!

Now even in this all inclusive, multi-culti, anyone welcome Army surely we draw the line at Solanaceae.
Or do they get in under the F&C rules or something?
I would have felt foolish writing "That potatos got an ..."., cause we all know they can't wear boots.
I don't see why. Fairies wear boots so why not tubers?
The national campaign will be accompanied by outdoor and digital executions, including a Facebook App live tomorrow at, where fans can create their own Mr. Potato Head avatar.
So, does this mean that somebody could recreate the ARRSE avatar, then use it for the site logo and on merchandise?

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