Mr Potato Head

It has just come to my attention the Mr Potato Head is missing fromthe top of the page. ( I've been in Wales for two days,long story,don't want to talk about it) Any reason?
Allow me to be the first to say:

Terrible, terrible attempt at a wah.

In case it's not a wah, check the other 20 threads dedicated to this subject on the main page. In the meanwhile, perhaps you'd like to have a stab at designing a new one?


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Perahps we should go the whole hog and rename the site :Civvy, walt, idiot as that seems to be the only twats who start threads these days
RIP Potato Head, you really were cool.
Reminding us of the toys we had when at school.
I'd better not make this too soppy, or I'll incur Flash's wrath
In fact I'm off now to have a nice bath.

RIP brave soul, stand easy, thoughts with Missus Potato Head and the little 'uns, etc.
And there’s me thinking the change on logo was in recognition of this site now becoming the Civilian Arrsed Rumour (lack of humour) Service 8O
Thanks for that LFH. I've just had to explain to the little ones that the poor lady has lost her car keys, and mrs righthandmarker has just had her suspicions of my deviency confirmed!!!
A headstone! Hmmmm, may I suggest we put a thich moustache and helmet on it and give it some feet so that it resembles the old logo while not being a potatoe?
I think the new logo is a winner. A headstone, a half buried rifle and a 3 letter eulogy.

Short, sharp and hot....... just like Lord Flasheart's links.

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