Mr Potato head / Update

As many of you know, A lapel pin was produced of Mr Potato head. All proceeds are going to the Army Benevolent Fund. over 124 have been bought already by Arrse users. This is a great achivement and we thank those who have purchased one. However we have nearly 393 left and we need to sell them so the ABF can benefit from much needed funds.

They only cost £2 with £1 post and packing. Thats less than the price of a pint in central London or most nightclubs.

There has been some great feedback from Arrse users who have already received their lapel pins on the quality of the product.

Come on chaps, their are thousands of Arrse users here and im sure we can sell the rest of the lapel pins we have left.

Click on the link to get yours now.

ok i have bowed to pressure & bought one, ok.

can i go now ????
A_Knocker_Till_The_End said:
ok i have bowed to pressure & bought one, ok.

can i go now ????
Well done that chap, you are free to go. Right you orrible lot, get yer hands in your pockets and purchase one. It's the ABF who will benefit from your good deed.
Got one Looks Good

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