Mr Potato head / Update

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, Jul 2, 2006.

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  1. As many of you know, A lapel pin was produced of Mr Potato head. All proceeds are going to the Army Benevolent Fund. over 117 have been bought already by Arrse users. This is a great achivement and we thank those who have purchased one. However we have nearly 400 left and we need to sell them so the ABF can benefit from much needed funds.

    They only cost £2 with £1 post and packing. Thats less than the price of a pint in central London or most nightclubs.

    There has been some great feedback from Arrse users who have already received their lapel pins on the quality of the product.

    Come on chaps, their are thousands of Arrse users here and im sure we can sell the rest of the lapel pins we have left.

    Click on the link to get yours now. Below also is a photo of the Lapel pin in question.


  2. Done.
  3. Received mine last week. Excellent quality. My boss gave me a strange look when he saw mine on my suite jacket!
  4. Happy to endorse this as a genuine quality product and oh-so-stylish.

    For a donation to a good cause, I may even wear mine the next time I speak on live radio.
  5. Big thanks to Hackle and the others who have just purchased one, keep it up chaps and we will acheive our target.
  6. 7 sold within one hour, keep up the good work!.
  7. Got mine this morning - excellent service - thank you.
  8. Just ordered 3 as it's for a good cause and a surprise parting gift for hubby who is away for 6 mths soon.

  9. Around 80 pins left now, purchase yours now with funds to the ABF before they are sold out. It's very doubtful re-runs will be made of this lapel pin.
  10. Just ordered another 3 - they are excellent quality, tasteful :crazy: and the money goes to a worthy cause. :)
  11. I keep getting asked what mine is, all very well but Im in N.I 8O Have to say he does look good!!
  12. Come on gang, nothing but glowing comments on the quality o fthe lapel pin. Get yours now, time to sell these out and raise as much for the ABF.

    click here to purchase yours.
  13. What a novel idea! Ive just ordered mine..