Mr Potato Head lapel pin is back, but not for long!!

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Mad_Moriarty, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. Due to a great demand when the Mr Potato Head pin was produced, all were sold out within two weeks.

    200 have been re-produced for any who did not get one the first time around. After this no more are to be made.

    Get yours now before it's too late.

    Remember, Proceeds from the sales will go to the Army Benevolent Fund.

    Click below to get yours. Then can be found in the "Military Section"

    Click here
  2. ARRSE!! cannot get past the PRC firewall, please sombody buy me one and I'll pay you double
  3. AJ,

    Problem sorted, Im going to PM you.
  4. My order has been placed
  5. sweet

  6. Your welcome, We cannot have the PRC stopping your attempt to have a Mr P! :D
  7. Bought as commanded M_M.

    And as a bonus I now know that the Obergruppenfuhrer (Domestic) has arrsed up my paypal account. Either that or I have actually changed my name to Susan.

    (At the weekends it's MANDY. I keep telling her.)
  8. Many thanks to you and all who have purchased a Mr P already.
  9. Only 175 left. Get yours now before they are all gone.
  10. Come on gang, Only 147 left. Get ordering now!.
  11. All those that have recently ordered a Mr P, they are currently being dispatched.
  12. I want one please send details can you accept debit cards ?

  13. Two ordered, one for me, one for the other half.
  14. You can use your cedit card yes, it just gose through Paypal. Simple and easy and secure..
  15. Arrived this morning. Top stuff.