Mr Plod and Tommy Atkins

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Adjutant, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. Given that many of us are cutting about in public in uniform these days, I was just wondering if Mr Plod gets briefed on how to address members of the services in uniform? I remember those nice folk in the RUC were usually quite polite - some more than others (there was one nice chap in Belfast that put tippex on the back of my boots so I could tell which one was which)...

    Any Coppers out there?

  2. They used to, but I've been out 7 years now. They were briefed to regard Military Officers the same as Senior Police Officers (with regards to compliments) and salute where appropriate. Obviously, if he's coming down the Factory for a little 'Confession Session' that might be dispensed with.
  3. I knew a ******** SNCO that insisted on saluting coppers, and a full screw that wanted saluting when wearing his St Anns Jumbulance uniform (he was some sort of officer with them)
  4. What, ALL coppers? Strange!

    Having said that, I did get a salute of a Bundeswehr Feldwebel once, And I was a crow Guardsman!
  5. I thought coppers weren't taught or required to salute any more, on the grounds that it's outdated, militaristic, liable to upset Mohammedans, not touchy-feely enough etc.
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  6. Just Inspector and above. I spoke to one of them just after dicksplash had done his party piece one Remembrance Day, and was asked "who the **** is that dick?"
  7. Yes we do, the same as any other member of the public, politely using sir or madam usually.
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  8. I think you may well be right nowadays. When I was a probie my Inspector would visit me on my beat. Heaven Help you if you didn't throw one up when he arrived.
  9. What he said. It's all about equality these days so I address trooper smith the same as I would brigadier smith, i.e. Sir or Mr. Smith etc

    I'm not going to treat someone with more respect and tug my forelock just because they're a senior officer.
  10. Thames Valley Police had ditched saluting by 1996, though I don't know if it was a relatively recent thing. A mate who went of to some joint bobby college that covered all the southern police forces around that time, and never mentioned being taught to salute either - so I'm guessing most of the southern forces had ditched it as well
  11. When I were a cuzzie an had two proper gold rings, I had occasion to go to a copshop for the purposes of charging a bloke for a couple of Kilos of Coke he had imported. The First thing the Custody sergeant said to me was "I am sergeant and I am in charge of the custody suite". I said " Right ho- off you go then". He said, "You address me as Sargeant I make the decisions." He was over heard by one of the duty inspectors who took him to one side and had a quiet word in his shell like. He came out afterwards with a rather odd look on his face. We got on rather well after that.

    Which reminds me that one of my colleagues who was a complete gas and rather on the short side took this huge IC3 into a nick for charging and one was cuffed to the other. The charge sergeant asked who was the charging officer and me oppo who could barely look over the counter said "me". The copper looked over the counter and eyed the cuffs and said " And what would you have done if he had done a runner?" To which the instant report was " Gone with him sarge"
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  12. The Bundeswehr salute all NATO forces no matter what their rank is.
  13. Im just finishing my training and, as an ex Guardsman, it has fallen to me to instruct my cohort in all matters drill and turnout.

    I have no problem with doing it, however no one knew or could tell me how drill should be done in the Police Service. So I just winged the whole shebang and the instructors all got a lazy lob on because I managed to get the squad to simply march in step FFS!!!

    I asked my Sgt if I should salute the Chief Constable when we were being "inspected". His reply...."don't bother, we've done away with saluting, he wouldn't know how to respond anyway".

    High standards indeed, I ******* despair! : (

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  14. So we did teach them some manners, then.
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  15. All of what has been written is correct, vast majority of forces have done away with drill. I actually read this in police regs,a few years back and it is still in there that commissioned officers should be saluted by constables / sergeants. Obviously it would never happen nowadays.

    I had a probationer in 2009 who was keen as mustard, and insisted on saluting the duty gaffer whenever he saw him. It was met with laughter by colleagues around the nick and strange looks from passing members of the public when he did it in public.