Mr PH, a quilt, a bear and me go to Ottawa

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by niner_domestic, Oct 3, 2008.

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  1. The Selly Oak quilt is finally finished and to mark its completion we took it to Ottawa for the first Army Run Marathon.

    When I was there I got to meet my hero, MCpl Paul Franklin. I was so excited to finally get to meet him as I've followed his remarkable recovery from an IED taking out his GWagon and left him a double amputee.

    You can watch part of his story here:

    Anyway, Paul and some 29 other injured Canadian soldiers were participating in the marathon and 5km run. Paul was going to be doing the race in his wheelchair with Sgt Andrew (The Ironman) McLean who had agreed to do the race equally matched with Paul, in a chair as well.

    This vid is some of the lads completing the run the 5km...

    We had a great day and over 7000 folks showed up to run and profits from the race went to the two charities the Military Fund and Soldier On.

    The best part for me after I met Paul Franklin, was to have Paul and some of the lads get their picture taken with the Selly Oak quilt - finally complete after the last patch was donated last month.

    One chap is an EOD and a double amputee who had just run 5km on his new pins and when he saw K13's patches, he was chuffed to bits and exclaimed that "Someone really does give a sh it about us!" Paul was thrilled to see the RAMC patch as he is a medic and the young lad from The Lord Strathcona's thought the Royal Marines patches were "just awesome".

    The boys wanted everyone who donated for the quilt to know that irrespective of which side of the pond one was one, caring people is what will give them back their lives.

    Some of the injured lads warming up:
  2. After the race, the boys have a look at Mr PH:

    Then they start reading all the patches, some of them got the place a bit dusty and some got a good laugh... "twist to open" he says...
  3. Outstanding, 9er. Now, if you could get another one done for Xmas in a king size, It'd make a great pressy for me :wink:
  4. How much are you donating to the lads? Actually, I was thinking of offering to do another couple for both the RBL auction and HTO.
  5. Fantastic to see it all together and being looked after. you done a grand job gal!!!


    psst *whispers* which one is mine?
  6. Hi Muggle:

    Yours is left side as you are looking at it, 3rd one down.

    I should add that I'm not adding individual pics of the patches to this thread unless the person wants me to do so, some of them contain names, dates and personal info. If you'd like to see your finished patch, I'm quite ok about PMing it to you or emailing you a copy. Just ask.

    For anyone who asked for a memorial patch for a loved one or colleague, all those patches are along the top and top half of both sides.
  7. blue-sophist

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    9D is ... The Lady!
  8. Good work 9er
  9. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Thanks for the PM

    Thats brilliant niner

    Looks the biz
  10. Cheers Niner,

    Just the thought of the quilt and all the work you put into it will keep me warm enough this winter.
  11. N_D you are an angel and have done such a splendid thing.

    Fcuk it's dusty in here ...
  12. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Looks good, Niner :D Nice to see the finished article.

    Out of idle curiosity, where roughly on the quilt is my* patch?

    *Edit to add: Under my old username of 'Sixty'
  13. Thank you niner
  14. Niner thank you for the pictures of the runners. It is good to see the finished product.
    Orders a fresh box of kleenex sniffles you see