Mr Nice. Howard Marks

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by MrShanklysboots, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. I have been meaning to get round to this one for a while now (published in '97 - eek! ) and now I have.

    If you like your Hero with just a dash of the Pot Smoking Naughty Boy about him this is the book for you.

    I am consistently amazed with the amounts he made smuggling pot using little more than ingenuity and an amazing amount of confidence.

    Nearing the end now, but I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    Good book for the Holidays.
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Read the book, and must say, quite enjoyed it. Went to see him in theatre for a stand-up routine and he, and his life appeared to be just a bit sad. Added to all the mongs and dealers in the audience gobbing and shouting and it made the evening a bit cr@p all round.

    Might have been impressed with him in my teens, but as an adult, nope.
  3. Not impressed at all by the filthy dope-dealing b'tard. I wouldn't buy his book and certainly wouldn't pay good cash to see him "live". Pock on him and his ilk.
  4. He's actually a decent bloke to speak to. I met him after one of his shows; sat next to him and tried to remember the very little bit of Welsh i know...i then realised i was drinking his pint instead of mine.."sorry howard, i think thats your pint" "well boyo just because your welsh doesnt mean you can nick my beer!!" " not welsh!"

  5. It was an entertaining read - and he certainly could be classed as a likeable anti-hero. However, it's a vile business and I can't help but think that this was written as a piece of entertainment and truth behind certain elements of his story may be slightly less palatable.
  6. Still rather vote for him than Brooown though!
  7. More wanted than Sir Percy Blakeney in his time and probably just as many disguises to boot.
  8. If you liked that then try "High Times" where he coughs quite a lot more, including working for a certain government agency ending in "5" in relation to his business dealings with an Irish gentleman. Wonder what their interest was in that?
    I particularly liked the foreword with the words to the effect that "Law enforcement will never catch me as I am too smart (Balliol graduate apparently) and there are too many egos for them to talk to each other let alone be smart enough to catch me."
    Not too long later, Operation Eclectic resulted in............................................................
    And he pleaded guilty. Nuff said.
    Yes, a very nice bloke who did not ask too much of his business partners in Thailand, Burma, North America or how they got things shifted anywhere at what cost, in fact a bloody nice bloke all round actually.
    Nobber, yet another champagne "socialist" at best. No mention at all about any legs being broken or how any debts were recovered, totally selective memory, in fact a typical socialist to boot!
  9. HTB - you are being your usual discreet self. Yes this fcukwit had a 'relationship' with 6 not 5 and was tasked to monitor the activities of one James McCann a PIRA gun runner. In '72 guns and drugs especially from the continent was the focus. It took a while to establish that Marks preferred the criminal dimension to his life, something the system has learned from. His brief Lord Hutchinson QC managed him escape drug charges but guilty of passport mis-dealings.

    His affairs in the wake of the Littlejohn brothers scandal sent relationships among the military, police and Irish G-2 intelligence communities back to the stone age, negatively influencing ops against a cross section of villians. A 'jack the lad?' 'anti-hero' try expressing those definitions to some widows in NI.