Mr Kipling re spun

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by The_Rattler, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. Why it’s a crap poem just like the other 50 threads dedicated to people butchering Kipling. Fcuking squaddie’s are so predictable with their choice of poets why don’t some try and whinge in the form of a Haiku, or heroic verse. Its just laziness.
  2. And rubbish, what did our Rudyard know about war eh ?? eh ?????
  3. Nothing but his cakes did help to break the monotony of eating compo.
  4. Kipling's works are just so f ucking predicatable an I'm getting tired of being sick at maudlin poems written in his "style" I fear my stomach will never untie.

    Haiku however Herr. Grass would rock.

    The dust of Helmand
    Blows into my brew
    F ucking threaders.

    Any more?
  5. Actually a haiku should consist of 5,7,5 syllables (IIRC):

    I'm a poor squaddy
    Cóck rotting from poking Dale
    Wish I was in 'Ghan

    Or for a more liberalised approach to the haiku:

    Terry's mortar rounds land
    Accommodation block heads skywards
    Ruining my morning thrap.
  6. Sh.t Poems written by
    Boring Civis do my nut in
    Pack it in you cnuts