Mr King Kong to direct Dambusters ??

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by wellyhead, May 8, 2006.

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  1. Well, if this is the case there's at least a fighting chance it won't be a total pig's breakfast. I'm quite encouraged, really.
  2. considering the excellent job he did of remaking King Kong this is looking good,

    hmmm Peter Jackson doing WW2 movies? i'v allways wanted to see a movie about the raid on St. Nazaire to blow up the dry dock. now theres a story waiting to be told.
  3. Does this mean we'll get the Canadian Lanc and PA474 in the sky together? Can NX611 "Just Jane" be made airworthy again?

    This is exciting, especially with 100 mil to play with.
  4. Not when you can use CGI (with which, after King Kong and LOTR, one can argue that Jackson has something of a passing familiarity) for a lot less cash. I don't think the insurance companies would look too fondly on the possibility of using live action to recreate the kind of flying 617 did, plus the mission was flown at night (easier to replicate on computer). You also have to consider that the Lancs would require modification. Then there's the fact that techniques and processing power have progressed by half a decade since the likes of LOTR.
  5. I just wanted an excuse for CWH to make that trip across the pond with their Lanc :)
  6. Well, it'll take someone with that sort of bank to persuade the Canadians' insurance company. On a brighter note, such action would not be unprecedented. Recall if you will, James Cameron and the Discovery Channel sponsoring a mission for ROVs to enter the wreck of Titanic- something the operators wouldn't otherwise do because they were afraid of losing them. But even then, you can always build another ROV...
  7. The good thing about Peter Jackson doing it is he has the capability to fund it himself, thus keeping full directorial control. Therefore he will not be swayed by Hollywood producers who would like to see the American involvement in the raid "bigged up". I know that Peter Jackson gets passionate about the films he makes; having read the MoS piece I think I can say this film could be a likely candidate for Top 3 war films. edited to add last sentance

    Much as I would like to see 12 Merlin engines flying in close formation over the Ruhr, I think for the purposes of cinema entertainment you wont tell the difference. For comparasion, watch the Dakotas taking off in A Bridge too Far and a similar scene in the D-Day episode of Band of Brothers. Dickie Attenborough had to get just about evey airworthy DC3 on the planet for that scene; BoB used one and replicated it.
  8. If he bodges this film he should be killed as a warning to other film makers.

    There was nothing wrong with the original film, so he has a lot to live up to.

    To that end I want to see (or hear) the word nigger used for the name of the dog and in its codeword capacity.

    And I don't want to see any last minute replacement American crews dropping the crucial bombs either, a la U-571.
  9. He's a Kiwi making the film with his own money; why would he want to put gratuitous spams in it? Though I would be worried about 617Sqn's mess rugby skills getting improved tenfold by the presence of Flying Officer Lomu and Flight Liuetenant Sivivatu
  10. The ability to improve the excitement level in modern films cannot be argued with, however the poignant part of the film was at the end with Barnes-Wallis and Gibson talking followed by the long walk Gibson made to his office to write those letters to the families of the ones who did not come back, afetr telling Barnes-wallis that they all would still have gone knowing they would not come back.
  11. Umm, because he'd like to see the money again?

    If you're going to recoup 100million, then you're going to have to crack the US in a pretty big way. If they're not satisfied with the three Canadians who took part, his best bet would be to find to find some Spam actors who can do passable British accents- like he did in LOTR with Sean Astin and Elijah Wood.

    I think it'd be interesting to see if he actually casts actors who are (or at least look) as young as the guys who flew the mission. Wg Cdr Gibson himself was only 24 at the time of the raid. Richard Todd looked positively geriatric by comparison (He was 34 at the time of filming.) I'm buggered if I know who he'd cast though.

  12. Um why? While I have no strong feeling about the word I fail to see what impact it use would have on the overall film. The film will not stand or fall on the name of a dog, nor the code word used to start the attack. If the word nigger upsets people then take it out the story will be just as good.
  13. Jackson was seen at old warden this weekend he also has a couple of WW1 aeroplanes and really into military history ,I think if any director can pull this off its him.As far as the actors go most of the actors in Blackhawk Down were British and they pulled that off fairly well also one of the 617 pilots Joe McCarthy was a Yank so that lets one in anyway .I think the actors could be the least of the problems getting the story accurate ,warts and all will be the problem,Gibson as an arrogant s**t anyone.