Mr Itchy bawbag

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brettarider, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. I wonder if he'll change his name by deed poll

    THE man dubbed "Mr Itchy Bawbag" by BT told yesterday how the name was wrecking his life.

    Yet builder Robert Wilson has been left scratching around for any compensation after the phone giants offered him just £25 in shopping vouchers.

    The Record told earlier this month how Robert, left, received a phone bill addressed to "Mr Itchy Bawbag".

    The letter began "Dear Mr Bawbag" and offered a calls service. It was signed Warren Buckley, managing director, customer services.

    Since the story appeared in the Record, Robert has been mocked by everyone he meets because of the cheeky moniker.

    He even tuned into live darts coverage on TV to find the camera focusing on a placard reading "Itchy Bawbag".

    When he walks down the street, he is regularly greeted by strangers as Mr Bawbag. Wife Linda, 28, has also been given abuse.

    Robert, 42, of Drumchapel, Glasgow, hired lawyer Cameron Fyfe to compile a compensation case.

    But he received a letter from BT's legal team that offered a settlement of £25 in Marks & Spencer vouchers.

    He said: "I'm disgusted with BT. I was disappointed to see the letter addressed to me with such a name on it. It was an insult.

    "Well, this compensation just takes the biscuit. I've had a terrible time recently with everyone taking the mickey out of me.

    "I never thought it through when I contacted the Record and the name seems to have stuck.

    "Even my wife has been called Mrs Bawbag.

    "She is cracking up at it all.

    "We are trying to see the funny side but it has gone on for too long now and it's a drag."

    Robert told how he switched on the PDC darts Premier League coverage from the SECC in Glasgow to find a Sky camera focusing on a placard with "Itchy Bawbag" on it.

    He added: "I only caused a fuss because I think BT should have in place measures to avoid their customers being insulted like this. I don't intend to leave it here."

  2. This is the earlier story in the Daily Record

    Basically Mr Bawbag tried to use the press in an attempt to screw some compo out of BT and is now upset that the self-inflicted publicity has rebounded on him and Mrs Bawbag. Awww.

  3. Serves him right... if he'd not given the story to the press he could have still threatened BT on the data-protection grounds.

    Poor ickle bawbag
  4. Haha, what an idiot by going to the papers.

    Although Mr. Itchy Bawbag has obviously done the right thing by going back to the press & I'm sure nobody else will ever call him Mr Bawbag again 8O
  5. Isn't opening post that's not addressed to you an offence? BT should have him prosecuted :D
  6. So Robert Wilson tampered with mail addressed to Itchy Bawbag by opening it. Is that not an offence. Should he not simply have returned to sender with 'Not known' written on it?
  7. Must be a QA thing