Mr. Hoon planned to be a food supplier

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Sep 24, 2005.

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    Mr.Hoon, prominent politician and talented statesman said that

    Unlike many (if not all) politicians mr.Hoon adores truth.

    Indeed, mr.Hoon was not prepared.

    I suppose that mr.Hoon is very popular in the UK

    Mr.Hoon has a very good imagination.

  2. Am sure his list of 'improvements' to our Defence force will grow with the passing of time, however, his actions have not been entirely for the worse.

    If there is one person who has so vividly opened the general public's eyes to the lack of backing its military force receives and that personnel are leaving in their droves, it is Hoon. I would be reluctant to chip in to send him an arrse tie though.
  3. Are you trying to butter us all up, Sergey? Get on our good side?

    Interesting to see that (i) TCH now feels can can be open and honest with the public now that he is no longer in office (pity he couldn't have done that while in office) (ii) TCH has correctly identified a problem of stategic importance (someone must have pointed it out to him) (iii) TCH is more than happy to backstab the current SoS (no surprise there).

    I would point out to Mr Hoon that it was not his job to "prepare for the fanaticism of those who were prepared to attack oil pipelines, water supplies and attack their own people". That is the job of the armed forces. The job of the SoS is to ensure there are enough of them, with enough prior warning to prepare before initial deployment, enough financial and political and legal backing, with a reliable and resilient logistical chain, good intelligence, and a clearly defined mission and endstate. I would point out to Mr Hoon that he failed dismally on all counts, and that we all still think he is a cnut.
  4. "Here here Bits"

  5. Hoon is about as much use as a one legged man in an arrse kicking contest.
    Give it up son while you have some credibility. :D
  6. I've just spent a second trying to think of anything would indicate any semblance of credibility. I've been racking my brains trying really hard. No really, I have.

    I mean, someone must have voted for him in the last election. So they must like him surely?
  7. Or they hated all the other candidates even more.
  8. Hear, hear. All lurking journos take note: this is an opinion with a very large body in the UK.
  9. Don't forget how the TLA TCH came into existence WB . They are well aware of how the Armed Forces feel about him
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Has to be said we all dislike him intensely.
    He is a loathsome, lying piece of slimy refuse, with less sense of honour than most politicians. Which says an awful lot.

    Most soldiers would gladly hang the cnut by his own entrails.
  11. I'd rather hang him with Bliars entrails and presc0cks lungs tied into a crude rope.
  12. I cannot understand who it is that you lot on hear have such a mild view of TCH. On the ohter hand maybe you are like me and know that if I really stated my honest views of him, my post would be deleated by the mods on grounds of good taste and obscenety