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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Radical_Dreamer, Oct 24, 2005.

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  1. Only in America :lol:
  2. He's from Essex, and his constituency is in Blackburn, you lazy journo barstewards.

    I'm as tickled as the next man by the genuine lack of international awareness by the average US citizen, but why should they really know anything about Straw? All foreign policy decisions seem to be made by Tony's chaps on the sofa, so what relevance is he?

  3. Hands up all those here who can name the Japanese foriegn minster off the top of their head? No sneaky googling, now.

    Why the feck would Alabamans know or care who the UK FM was? This trip was all about setting Condi up as a (Vice) Presidential candidate.
  4. My answer: I don't know what is his name and frankly speaking don't care.

    Btw, once (about 2 years ago) pres.Putin (I hope you have heard about him) unexpectedly appeared on cathedral square inside the Kremlin. That time big group of Japanese tourists was there. Russian TV showed this event. Joyfull tourists shouted 'Putin, Putin'. In return Putin asked the crowd about a man who was with him (it was Schroder) but nobody was able to recognise him.
  5. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Well not Toshki Kaifu or Toshiro Mifune anyway :) on...ah yes Nobutaka Machimura how could we forget....( with my hand on my heart I can tell you Google had nothing to do with that answer!)....on the other hand, have we been in the closest possible military alliance with Japan and have our soldiers, sailors and marines been fighting alongside Japanese soldiers for the last 88 years ?

    Guess not. The point being that the parallel with Japan is not a very good one.....perhaps it would be better to ask why the feck anyone in the UK should know the name of the Portuguese foreign minister :)

    ...actually I'd be stunned and amazed if the average Brit in say Plockton, Indian Queens or Curry Mallet could pick our illustrious Foreign Secretary out of a line up of 5 other speccy polytechnic lecturers in drab suits.....

    ( Jack Straw is another of Tony's Great Proletarians of course...having been privately educated at Berkhamsted College IIRC)

    Le Chevre