Mr Elmpt Station

Apparently, they're running a Mr Elmpt Station competition at Javelin Barracks on 21st March.  Problem is, none of the so-called 'Hunks' of the station are willing to put their money where their mouth is and enter.

Why is that??
How about a Miss Elmpt as well!  

"Here comes Mrs X donned in her beautiful leggings and clumpy shoes, finished off with her husbands fleece.  Her hobbies are yelling at kids in public, smoking, gossiping and fried food.  Her ambitions are to buy her own council house and live opposite 'Me Mam and our kid'"

;D ;D ;D


The whole idea of Mr Elmpt station is flawed. The organisers must be examples of the shameful few women who actually LIKE watching men parade in front of them, in various states of dress or undress.

Evening Wear? - OK, a nice mess dress would be fine.

Working Dress? (not the "uniform" meaning of the phrase, but the actual clothes worn in order to do ones job....) - Yeah, maybe... let's see a Dentist or a Padre up there... NOT.

Swimwear? I didn't think people in Elmpt WORE anything, when breaking into the pull on the way back from a night out on the piss and desperately needing to find a loo...... nice.

Don't tell me that they're all going to want to achieve world peace either, PLEASE!!!  :eek:

If they want to make it fair, as mentioned above, lets see some women up there too.

Or if they want to raise more money than just the entry fee for charity, try auctioning the men off to the highest bidder.
Why do people just come on here to put negative comments on?

Firstly, completely misinformed about the Mr Elmpt Station competition.  Nobody said anything about various states of dress or undress, that's your imagination running riot.  It's more of a charm and talent competition, as opposed to shallowly looking out for a six-pack and electing him the winner in much the same way as the biggest pair of breasts and willingness to flash them would undoubtedly win a Miss Elmpt Station competition.

Secondly, we Army wives have to put up with new 'Forces Sweethearts' being elected on a regular basis, such as Claire Sweeney or Nell McAndrew, where's the male forces sweetheart?  Ain't one - that's where.

Thirdly, there's not many occasions for wives of all ranks to get together and enjoy themselves - in fact there's just the wives Christmas do to look forward to annually, so I'm all for a bit of female solidarity and showing the wives, who constantly get slagged off for wearing their husbands fleece and clumpy shoes, that they are valued and their social life is just as important as their Husbands.

Finally, it's for charity, it's going to be a good laugh and I'm (if you haven't already gathered) all for it.

So bring it on.


Fleece and clumpy shoes? I wear a fleece - does that therefore include me? Clumpy shoes - don't know what that means, really. Sorry. Is this just the modern equivalent to Ron Hills and high heels?

My comments of different dress and saving world peace were actually tongue in cheek - sorry, my fault, guess I should've used more emoticons (anyone know the coding for an emoticon with a tongue in the cheek?).

What I was trying to get at was, that if it's anything to do with looks - which, lets face it, how can it boil down to anything else? - then, I have no desire to watch it. I actually suggested my man put his name down for it, but he won't hear of it.

Maybe, amongst the MEN there is a certain stigma attached. I think the only way to get people to join in would be if it was compulsory, but that's not really feasible, is it?

Therefore, as I said earlier, whole idea is flawed. Plus, as I also stated, I have no desire to attend. My suggestion of auctioning people off would raise more money, I'm sure.

If, WRAC, you can shed light on how it will be judged, in what categories men must compete, what qualities they need to possess and show, then you might still convince me that it is worthy of going ahead, let alone worthy of a thread on this forum!

Not being catty, just expressing my opinion, this is a forum after all. Hence the negative comments. I just can't really see any positives.

Convince me. Bring it on yourself!



What's the rush? I've only been on here a few times!

Is there some advantage to joining up? Will people be able to pick on me more easily? ;)
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