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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Oct 20, 2005.

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  1. Well, hallowe'en is just around the corner and for some reason its become almost a big a black hole of spending as Christmas [ in some parts, anyweay ]

    According to the the National Retail Council [ U.S ] Americans can expect to fork out $ 3.2 Billion to ' scare' the beejeezus out of the tykes at the door and to go stupid at adult parties around the town... Used to be you hung a sheet over your head and hoped the holes lined up right.. now you can log onto:

    and fork over $ 797.95 US for the " Collectors' Episode III Darth Vader costume complete with ' realistic' Darth breathing sounds and an ' authentic moulded codpiece ' [ perfect to a comfy fit for your lightsabre, no doubt ]

    The other top costumes for the season are:
    Batman [ must be that codpiece thing ] The Fantastic Four [ how the hell do you dress up as the Invisible Girl ?] Harry Potter, and [ wtf?] Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz [ a must thing for a ' certain ' segment of the population, possibly? ]

    So... I got to ask

    Who are you going as??
    Will we see any kids slapping a towel on their heads and trick or treating as Osama?
  2. I'm happy to say my daughter is a traditionalist.
    She wants to dress as a witch, with pointy hat and broomstick as must have items!

    I'll have to get very creative during the next week I think :roll:

    Or I'll end up making a mad dash to the shop on the last afternoon to buy the whole outfit off the shelf as usual :lol:
  3. Smooj... the Law Enforcement and Convict costumes for ladies does have a certain ' je ne sais quoi ' about them...
    but what are you going to be if the sweetie is Dorothy?

    the Tin Man in need of a good 'oiling ' or the Scarecrow ' who needs to stiffening to stand up straight..
    or are you the athletic type and going for the Flying Monkey routine??
  4. That Darth Vader costume will be very popular with many of the members here.
  5. i love dressing up!! :p but i don't do Halloween
  6. I didn't think you had Halloween in the UK. They don't in Germany. One of my friends displayed a carved pumpkin on his porch, and it scared the sh*t out of the local children.
  7. Halloween not done in my house.
    Just another piece of septic crap foisted on us by corporate enterprise out to squeeze the last drop of my hard earned dosh out of me. We will be celebrating thanksgiving next :twisted:
    BTW, WTF is Granparent day!!! another fecking money making idea by hallmark card ltd?????????????
  8. Sainsbury have been selling pumpkins for the last couple f weeks, but fie on anyone who tries to trick or treat over here.

    We save our efforts for delebrating the demise of a certain Papish plot.
  9. Fantastic
  10. They have "Faschings" in Germany - Like Halloween but in February (I think) - more along the lines of "Day of the Dead!" :twisted:

    Personally think Halloween has lost the fun and become an excuse for gangs of teenagers to extort money out of people and supermarkets to make stacks of dosh out of gullible chavs! :evil:
  11. So what's the problem with that, if it's a paid day off? Who knows, maybe we'll be celebrating Boxing Day in the near future?
  12. I seem to remember staggering out of a drinking establishment in Germany a few days after Halloween to be confronted by lots of short-arrsed monsters waving lanterns. I assumed this to be some sort of Germanic equivalent to Halloween.

    I can't of been having the DT's (I'd only drunk my own bodyweight in weapons-grade alcohol) so can anyone enlighten me?
  13. PAID DAY OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you have got to be joking
  14. That will have been St Martins day.

    Christian myth, rich bloke, horse, beggar, fire, cloak cut in half.

    Germans go mad on it on the 11/11. Mass parades with laterns ending up at a bonfire with someone playing the parts of the above.

    If you really want to know anymore then look HERE