Mr Dave Miliband sends Email to Moi........

Oh Dear Mr Milipede!!!
Wow.... and I thought that the UK was 'Bust'. I wonder how many of the Great Labour Faithful who will 'believe' that this is a real Email from Dave Milipede and our Great Dear leader, Mr McBalloon....

Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO),
King Charles Street,
London, SW1A 2AH,
United Kingdom.

Our Ref: ATM/13470/IDR

Good day. I am The Rt (Hon) David Miliband MP, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. During recently held Conference on Global Economic Crunch, in London, the British Prime Minister, The Rt (Hon) Gordon Brown, approved your name and other few foreigners to receive a financial compensation from the funds released by the UK government to reduce the World Financial Crisis. The money allocated to you is currently available in a VISA-type ATM card. Therefore, this letter is to officially inform you that (ATM Card Number 4800010177555011) has been issued in your favor. Your Personal Identification Number is (477). The VISA Card is worth $3,000,000.00 (Three Million Great British Pounds). This is the amount you are expected to have in your VISA-type ATM card which you will receive shortly from us.

This office will send to you the ATM CARD of the above amount and you are allowed to make withdraws from any ATM Machine Centre or Visa card outlets worldwide but with a maximum amount of ?5,000 daily. In addition, you are urgently requested to re-confirm your details in order to start the processing of your ATM card. The important details required are;

(1) Full names: (2) Home Address: (3) Country: (4) Nationality: (5) Phone #: (6) Age: (7) Occupation: (8) Next-of-Kin: (9) Bank Details & PIN Numbers.

Confirm the above details and quickly send to:

The information requested above must be sent to us quickly and you can trust that the details you are making available to us will be treated with strictest confidence and your ATM card postage will be perfectly secured. You are warned not to unfold the content of this official message to anyone until you have received the ATM card at your home address, in order to prevent impostors. Good luck.


The Rt (Hon) David Miliband MP,
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs,
British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO).

Hmm!! It is true that I'm a bit skint at the moment..... I'm sure Mr McBalloon can spare a few hundred thousand pounds...

You put too much info out there. Now all sorts of ARRSErs are going to submit their details and get some of that 3 mill.

I know I am.

But why the dollar sign for pounds? I don't really get that.
Well, I suppose this is one way of getting public finances back in order.
Carefull, it might be a Labour scam.
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