Mr "call me Pyscho" Stapleton

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by slipperman, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. I noticed the last thread on this subject was holed very quickly as I was trying to post an opinion, so I will try again.
    This is clearly a very disturbing case, but one thing that is really gripping my shit at the moment is the amount of grief the police are receiving due to his parents finding out about his death on facebook. A shocking way to find out about your son, but how on earth were Manchester police expected to relay the news to India any faster? It is known that the deceased was accompanied by a large group of his young friends at the time of the shooting, most (if not all) of whom would have been in possession of an i-phone/android or similar. I suspect news of his demise was whizzing its way to India within minutes of the shooting, probably sent in good faith by one of his friends, who was most likely in shock and not thinking through the consequences of his/her actions. The police can't win.

    As for "call me Pyscho", if there is any justice in this world and he is found guilty at his subsequent trial, I hope the Indian Government will successfully apply for his extradition* and he will spend the rest of his miserable life in one of their rat infested shitholes, instead of the anticipated cushy sentence at HM pleasure.

    *If such a treaty exists.
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  2. It's an ongoing trial. This will get binned too when a mod happens upon it.
  3. So he's been found guilty by a jury already then?
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  4. I heard that this is all a conspiracy to hide the fact that the government reads all our text messages. Tinfoil hat, anyone?
  5. Fair one. I just thought it had been binned due to the thought process of the OP. I will leave it to the mercy of the Mods.
  6. The thought process of the OP and the fact he was a dribbling idiot made the inevitable happen sooner. =-D
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  7. I'm not biting.
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  8. Well you have decided he is guilty, its a good thing trial by intenet isnt legal just yet.
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  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Only if the mod is either:
    a) off his fecking trolley
    b) has no life away from the net
    c) all the above
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  10. Alright, I'll bite (a bit!). My comment regarding the "alleged" shooter started with the rider "if there is any justice in this world". Perhaps for the pedants out there, I should also have included the statement "if found guilty at his subsequent trial". Satisfied?
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  11. Thats better.
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  12. He sounds guilty to me. I've already assembled a Retribution Sniper Squad to pick him off at long range if he ever shows his face in the open air.

    It's the RAF Regiment's Bisley team. I'm sure they won't miss.....
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  13. Much better.

    String the bastard up I say.
  14. Back, vaguely on track.

    Are the rozzers still adamant that Mr Staplegun was motivated by racism, rather than by the psychotic delusions speaking to him inside his head and telling him to kill the first unfortunate soul who crossed his path?
  15. Speculation (I.E. The Daily Mail) has it that he was asking out women in the group as the victim, got knocked back and then responded in what I feel is a perfectly reasonable manner.