Mr.Browne endorsed peace talks between Pakistan and Taliban

Do you agree with mr.Browne?

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Faced with a wave of suicide attacks, Pakistan has begun talks with Taliban militants who control much of the country's 2,700 km (1,670 miles) mountain border with Afghanistan.

The Taliban, however, said it would fight in Afghanistan until all foreign troops were driven out of the country, and Afghanistan has expressed concerns about any peace deals.

Browne, in Australia for talks with Australian Defense Minister Joel Fitzgibbon, said sovereign countries had the right to welcome insurgents back into society if they agreed to obey the rule of law and recognize democratic governments.

"If people are prepared to give up violence, put down their weapons, accept and recognize legitimate and democratic government ... then the sovereign governments from both countries are entitled to say we will welcome you to become part of our society," he said.
Do you agree with mr.Browne?
Except the Taliban won't do that. Or they will use it to regain power. So why he even bothers........

Declare peace and an amnesty, have a celebratory supper for ex-enemies, then poison the curried goat.


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I voted for the last bit. It matters not what he says, but what he is.
'Browne, in Australia for talks with Australian Defense Minister Joel Fitzgibbon' - Talks about what, precisely? Looks like another ministerial jolly to me, what's wrong with video conferencing? Presumably he took his wife, associated hangers on and their wives with him (all at taxpayers expense of course).
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