Mr Brown your dress code shames my army, me and my country

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Softcentre, Dec 14, 2008.

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  1. Recent photos of our brave and glorious leader in Afghanistan wearing a 'nice' blue suit, tie etc in an operational zone just shows what a complete 'TWAT' the man is. His insensitive, embarrassing and inappropriate dress just reinforces his image as a 'buffoon' and clearly not the 'saviour of the world' as he thinks he is.
    Could a QM somewhere offer him some sartorial advice and some combats?

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  2. Are you mad!!!!
    You really want to see this character in combats. Can you imagine the NuLiarbour propoganda machine going into overdrive with Campbell,
    Mandelson et al (think Hazel Blears) all then jumping into camoflauge
    for the cameras.
    Big shudder time me thinks
  3. It's been done better:

    Not sure about:
  4. That Major one is from Bosnia I believe.

    Walked away from that tosser aswell :roll:
  5. You can tell that the kid in the red is looking at CMD and thinking what we are all thinking.

    Why is it that politico's think they are impressing anyone with this crap?

    Do they honestly think that flying 'club class' and spending 45 minutes asking the troops if the mail is getting through does anything for them?

    Here is an idea.........stop walting it and milking troops for all the spin you can and stay the fuck in blighty and make sure that the troops have a half decent country to return home to.

    Fucking donkeys the lot of them.
  6. Get a life you bandwagon jumping fool.
  7. politicians wearing uniforms? why not throw in a few medals while we're at it?

    But seriously,what was Brown expected to wear?
  8. What else is the man supposed to wear? If he went down in combats he'd look like a total tosser.. the only other option is t shirt, shorts and a baseball cap..
  9. Not an issue whatsoever. Get a life.

    PS I appear to be jumping on the bandwagon of those who feel that your bandwagon is crap. Ah well. :)
  10. Bullshit. Brown is making the point that he is the prime minister by wearing his suit and tie; as opposed to the weird sandy para military dress adopted by others. He is showing a great deal of respect and setting an example. Good man and well done for getting forward too.
  11. Yes, he should be wearing combat fatigues then he could be criticised for playing soldiers. Catch a bludy grip man!
  12. Wee Gordon has many faults, but I cannot see how this is one of them.

    Where I come from, people wear suit and tie when they are serious about their business and respect their oppos. As other posters pointed out, what are the alternatives?

    The Paul Bremer?

    The Dubya?

    The local?

    What a load of piffle. ARRSE deserves better threads than this. Alas, I seem to be part of the problem rather than the solution. 8O
  13. Welcome to The Dark Side, cheesy.
  14. What a very stupid thread. Really really stupid. Edited accordingly. In total agreement with 5A and Hannay.

    How else do you expect the Prime Minister of the British Isles to be dressed? He wears a suit and tie, he shows respect not just for his position, but for the people he has come to see.

    If he had worn Dessies, with Parliamentarian rank slides,(which he is entitled to do) there would have been merry hell and grimfing galore.

    He wore a suit, he also got himself right up forward to see the boys, and he wasn't wearing BA a la Blair. He wore a suit to show our footdragging NATO allies, that if he can get up into the Blue, then they should be bloody well ashamed of themselves.

    And no, the boys he was with , especially at FOB didn't look disgusted or pissed off. We've all seen and some Arrsers have been present when Blair cynically used troops for photo ops. Brown got up the front and right into the threat zone to talk to the people at the tip of the spear. When did Blair ever do that?

    Well done Prime Minister.