Mr.Blair joins Catholic faith

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by KGB_resident, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. Sorry Sergey, but who gives a toss? He's no longer 'important' in any sense of the word, thank God! :x
  2. Who knows? No doubt that mr.Blair is one of the most experienced British politicians and he is young enough. It is possible that the next elections would be lost by the Labour. And who would lead the Labourists after it? Why not the man who won 3 elections?
  3. Because I've got more chance of winning a General Election than him.
  4. Simply on this subject, not only do we now know he is a lying cnut ('we dont do god') but he now admits to hearing voices telling him to invade iraq. In this country people like that end up in Broadmoor or Carstairs (secure nut houses).

    This is the best indication I've seen so far of guilt eating him up inside. Burn in hell Tony!
  5. Can i be outraged in an Ian paisely style please.Mans a mad old bigott
    but you have to hand it too him no really does ranting like him . :D
  6. Holed.

    Not news, not worthy of comment.

    I refuse to have this weak , self serving chancer given any credence or credibility whatsoever.

    One day, the good lord willing, Karma will catch right up and all the pious bollox in the world will not help.