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Arrests lead to questions over extent of loyalist spying ring

[Published: Wednesday 18, April 2007 - 08:47]

By Chris Thornton

Questions about the extent of a UVF spying operation are piling up after an RIR soldier and a PSNI clerk were linked to alleged terror documents.

More than 100 republicans and nationalists have been warned by police that their details were in the hands of loyalists after a factory manager was charged with UVF membership last week.

Relatives for Justice director Mark Thompson was among the people warned that their personal details were found in the documents seized.

Wrightbus manager Darren Leslie Richardson (30) of Moneynick Road, Randalstown, was charged with UVF membership, possession of documents likely to be of use to terrorists and 30 rounds of ammunition.

On Monday, PSNI clerk Aaron Hill, of Mainebank, Randalstown, appeared in court accused of illegally accessing names and addresses from police computers. The 22-year-old works in the Crime Management Unit.

Paul McGlinchey, who ran for the Assembly as an independent republican opposed to Sinn Fein's acceptance of policing, said he was "totally gobsmacked" to find his 20-year-old son, Sean, is one of those under threat.

"If they'd come about me, I wouldn't care. Everybody knows who I am. But the cub's not into politics, he's been through enough with me being in jail," he said.

Charges 'underline serious loyalist threats'

[Published: Tuesday 17, April 2007 - 09:06]

By Chris Thornton

Terror charges laid against a civilian police worker have underlined the seriousness of recent loyalist threats, according to a collusion campaigner who was told he is on a hit list.

PSNI clerk Aaron Hill (22) appeared in court accused of misconduct in public office over a five-year period - including illegally accessing material from police computers and having information likely to be of use to terrorists.

Hill, of Mainebank, Randalstown, spoke only to confirm his identity during a five-minute hearing at Belfast Magistrates Court yesterday. He was remanded into custody until May 14.

The charges came after a police investigation into alleged UVF activity in Co Antrim led to warnings to a number of nationalists.

Sinn Fein called on the Government to make a "speedy and detailed statement" about the matter.

Collusion campaigner Mark Thompson of victims' groups Relatives for Justice - warned at the weekend of a "significant and substantial" loyalist threat against his life - indicated that the court case underlined the seriousness of the threats.

"I'm obviously concerned because I have five young children," he said.

But he said he would not be deterred from continuing his work with the families of victims. "There's a murky underworld that some people want to keep a lid on. We're not going to be deflected. We're doing the right thing," he said.

But PUP leader Dawn Purvis insisted that the UVF has told her there is no threat against Mr Thompson.

Last week, a police investigation into loyalist terrorism led to charges against factory manager Darren Leslie Richardson (30) of Moneynick Road, Randalstown.

He was accused of being a member of the UVF, possessing documents likely to be of use to terrorists and possession of a quantity of 9mm ammunition.

In January, the Independent Monitoring Commission indicated it had concerns about the UVF developing its intelligence gathering.

Sinn Fein policing spokesman Alex Maskey said the warnings issued to nationalists became "even more serious" with the charges against Mr Hill.

"The information so far given to those under threat is completely inadequate. We need a speedy and detailed statement from Peter Hain on this matter without further delay," he said.

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