MQs - When to apply and when to move in etc..

I'm on tour at the mo for another month and am getting married in December. I was going to apply for a quarter when I get back but have a few questions. I'm due posting when I get back and it is likely that I'll just be taking up another job on the same camp, however I've not got a posting order through yet. Boss says it's pretty much a cert but i know well enough not to believe anything until I get a posting order in my hand.

Anyhoo, assuming when I get back I go ahead and apply for the quarter on camp, what's the process? Go to the clerks and ask for a form? What do you need to submit with it? Posting order?

What happens with the form - as far as I understand it, you ask for an area and they give you anywhere that's on the list as being in that area without any real concern for where it actually is physically? I have quite a narrowed down choice in my head for where on camp I'd like the place but I'm not sure if you get that much choice on the form. A mate has suggested that when you get a notification of a quarter allocation, you can go see it and if it's not appropriate, reject it for whatever reason, then call up the housing folks and see what else they have - the idea being that it's easier to actually say to the people on the phone, "Hey have you got anywhere in any of these streets?" Is that necky? Probably - is it done?

Ok so assuming I get allocated one and I'm happy (not that it probably matters much if I am happy!) what next? How long before my wedding date can I live in it? Can I move my stuff in before the wedding?

What's the rough cost of a quarter a month? Average energy bills?

What do you actually get in the quarter when you move in? Appliance wise? Furniture etc..

What can you do decorations wise? Is it he case that you can do painting and stuff as long as you put it back the way it was?

Any light anyone with recent experience of going from SLA to MQ can shed would be greatly appreciated.

Tmrw babe xxxx Call me..

Psst it's been done.
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