MQs in Wildenrath

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Rugbyquestion, May 27, 2009.

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  1. Anyone know what the MQ's are like here?
  2. Unless the Army has done a lot of work on them since the RAF left in 92, they will not be in a good state. Apart from that Wildenrath is miles from everywhere.
  3. I know there's a Facebook group for MQ's at Fallingbostel, shows loads of pictures of the quarters, maybe there's one for Wildenrath too.

    My nephew who's on his way out there with the family showed me them on Face book, they look pretty smart, probably too much for Wildenrath MQ's to be the same standard.

    Sorry I can't point you in the right direction on there, I'm probably one of the few none Face book savvy people on the internet.

  4. The former RAF Wildenrath is now much reduced in size. It is now an amalgamation with the nearby former RAF Bruggen, now Javelin Barracks/Elmpt Station. The domestic site is now predominantly military. It is a community housing estate for both the Joint Heaquarters for NATO, and Javelin Barracks/Elmpt Station. A very small part of the runway still exists, however, much of it is overgrown. Unlike other former RAF airbases in Germany (such as Airport Weeze, previously named Niederrhein), it was not turned into a civilian commercial airport. Of the technical site, virtually all but one of the bigger buildings are now knocked down. The station itself still has a NAAFI but more reduced in size; and now moved to where the YWCA had previously been. The Astra cinema was knocked down in late 2005. The community has a youth club, hair dresses, Pub/Club/Bar venue, Library. Until 2006, a YWCA Shop and Cafe existed; but this has now been removed as the YWCA has left the forces community.

    The original airfield site and immediate environs are now used by Siemens AG under their Transportation and Automotive business arm (Siemens Mobility), as their railway testing centre; known as the "Wegberg-Wildenrath Test Center".[1] By 2007, the railway test tracks have taken over considerable areas of the airfield. All but the western threshold and over-run of the runway has been obliterated, and the eastern runway threshold is now a Golf course, rather than the site of Bloodhound surface to air missiles. The north-east dispersal is completely taken over by sidings, workshops and shunting loops. Of the southern dispersals, the central and eastern are bisected by the main railway oval test track. As of January 2008, only the south western dispersal and Hardened Aircraft Shelters remain, but these have now since all been removed, with the surviving taxiways being used for recreational purposes by the local civilian residents.

    Wildenrath is a MQ area with 2,3 and 4 bedroom houses. It's located between JHQ and Elmpt Station, and approximately 20 minutes drive from each. Although there is no public transport, there is an amenities bus service provided which runs frequently between the three locations from Monday to Friday.

    Wildenrath has a wide selection of amenities located mainly in the community centre; a full list can be viewed at the what's on section of the site.

    As well as the local crèche, there is the Andrew Humphrey ' s Primary School.

    For children attending Secondary School there is a bus service to Windsor School , which is situated on JHQ.

    WILDENRATH STATION – Short History

    Royal Air Force Station Wildenrath was opened as an operational flying station in the early 1950's. Wildenrath was to become the home to the Harrier force for many years, when the Harries moved out the Phantoms Moved in.

    The RAF Red Arrows last display in Germany was at RAF Wildenrath on 22 August 1988, this due to a change in regulations was to become the very last public flying display in Germany.

    In 1992 RAF Wildenrath closed The base was then used for its quarters for Families living on RAF Bruggen. The Airfield was passed back to German ownership, at which time they built the high-speed train test track.

    RAF Wildenrath then became a married quarter area for Elmpt Station.
  6. Thank you for all the replies and pics.

    IF anyone can advise about the Facebook thingie, that would be fab!
  7. The Qtrs' at Wilders have all been PUMAed in last 5-6 years, so are in a decent state.

    As stated above though, if you can't drive it can be a bit isolated.
  8. MQs at Wildenrath all PUMA'd in the last 5 years to a really high standard.

    The only problem you might encounter is a lack of some facilities on the estate (eg no Med Centre). There is, however, a school (Primary), NAAFI shop, MwSt office & families club (Thurs, Fri, Sat evenings & Sun afternoon IIRC). There's even an open air pool for use during the summer with lifeguards from 7 / 16 Sigs.

    On the down side, you could find yourself quite limited unless you drive / own 2 cars as it is rather isolated. That said, there is a bus service going to JHQ / Elmpt on a daily basis.

    Overall, great MQ's in a really nice area. Enjoy!

  9. Thank you for all replies
  10. Great whore house only 1.5 miles away!
  11. Great, sure that will come in handy
  12. just moved out of wildenrath about 8 months ago.

    best pads i ever stayed in.

    pumed up 3 bedroom house. 4 rooms in cellar, new kitchen, good size living room. 3 good size bedrooms. Balcony off main bedroom and a wood floored attic.

    there is a few house round there were the cellars have flooded so dont keep valuables in cellar unless you want to make an insurance claim.

    nice area to walk dogs if you have any.

    if it hasnt changed the feul coupon office there opens whenever she feels like getting out of bed.

    there is houses there were 2 houses have been transformed into one so you have like 5 or 6 bedrooms.

    communial swimming pool which is like the estate bath.

    what else can i say the best the army has to offer.

    Pm me and i will send pics of quarter
  13. Craig,

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