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I am about to move MQ and whilst conducting the normal pre move admin (change over utilities etc) I learnt from BT (my current service provider) that the phone line in the new MQ was left connected to Talk Talk by the previous occupants. In order to transfer my BT services they told me that I need to pay an extortionate £125 connection fee!

I am quite shocked that I now have to pick up the bill because the previous occupants left the line with another provider. It seems particularly unfair and seems to me that I am being unfairly penalised if not rather jacked on by the previous occupants!!!

Does anyone know of a way round it or know of any legislation that avoids me having to pay this? :cry:
Go back to DHE (or DE or whatever they are calling themselves this week). They are under remit to ensure that the outgoing occupant reverts all utilities (certainly electricity and gas and so presumably telephone) to the original one when they took over.

Mind you, there is a chance that the previous occupant took over a Talk Talk line in the first place?
Its one of those things that disturbance allowance is for mate,
However if they want £125 for your custom I would simply be taking my custom elsewhere!
johnboyzzz said:
cbgramc said:
Talk Talk are good just sign with them.
You still need a BT line to get Talk Talk
Not strictly true. While the line itself is a BT line, BT were forced to let other companies use them under fair trading laws.

This means that when you sign up to talk talk and various other companies, you will find that you find taht many of the deals are in conjuction with allowing them to take controll of the BT landline and charge you for it accordingly.

With regards to paying for the transfer of the line, as somone already stated, that is exactly what Disturbance Allowance is designed to cover, so you will find no symapthy within the regulations.
As has been stated by other posters the DA provides for this eventuality and as JT says you will get no extra allowance for it.

That doesn't stop you phoning them and attempting to blag a reduction in the fee.
as stated above DHE should ensure that these issues are sorted before you move in.......

indeed they should......

Howvere.....ive only just managed after a month to get my gas sorted in my Quarter, when i moved in, we still had the pre paid gas meter, and no pre paid card......

DHE blamed everyone else....
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