MQ on Black economy post?

I am on a black economy post at a location 53 miles from where I was originally posted to. (Same Regt though). This is a perm move till my next posting (23 months away). I am married with kids etc but was told by my RCMO that as this is a regt'l move and not an assignment from MCM, I would not be allowed a MQ at my new location. Surely this is dog sh*@e! I am expected to commute daily OR live in the block all week, but would not be allowed IE, instead could have 1 rtn journey a week!! This was ok at first when it was only a temp move but now it has turned more permanent its rubbish. Surely I can apply for a MQ (there are loads empty where I would like one) without an assignment no? Does anyone if I am getting fobbed off or whether I would be entitled to one? anyones help would be excellent.

nope its not bullshit.

DHE will not even contemplate allocating you an MQ without a posting/assignment order. Your Regt might be able to beg DHE if there was a large surplus in that type of MQ but you would not be entitled to any allowances as far as Im aware

You can thank your Regt for its illustrious man management

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