MQ Innsworth

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by michael3429, May 12, 2010.

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  1. Evening all

    Just wondered if anybody is currently in any MQ at Innsworth im due posting there in augast and just trying to find out as much as possible. thanks
  2. The OR ones are very nice. I believe they're all 3-bedroomed houses, so if you only need a 1 or 2 bed house you'll have plenty of space. I haven't had many MQ but other "old and bold" (especially the Army ones) are very happy with the standard. Suffice to say it feels more like a proper house than the usual MQ feel. There's lots of green spaces around for the kids/dogs to play and there's a good bus route into Cheltenham and Gloucester. At the moment it's very empty but that's due to change (as you probably know) so there may be more facilities set up in the upcoming months. At the moment there's a Spar and a hive, but there's a creche being built as well.
    HTH, if you want any other specifics just ask.
  3. Bit of a shitty council estate is part of Innsworth, but nothing like any big city type.

    Depends what your looking for/to do.
  4. dont know about your circumstances but a mate of mine and many of his SQN still not got houses over there yet, they say that all housing oddysey team are interested in is making sure the officers are ok, theres even Ptes patrolling pads estates becasue staff officers worried about local crime rates
  5. Birdlip is quite near and its one of the biggest dogging sites in I was told...................
  6. Crime rates at Innsworth? Your having a laugh! Innsworth/Churchdown is a pretty good area as Gloucester goes, I know, as a) I live down the road in Cheltenham and b) a friend of mine lives in an MQ there, 3 bed house, for her, husband and the dog. Not bad huh?

    I drive through Innsworth at least 10 times per week and have NEVER seen a squaddie "patrolling" the streets, stop talking balls.
  7. I'll rent you some space in my shed! :D