MQ Charge Against Rental Income

I've trawled through the threads about tax and rental income from letting a "Main Residence", but I haven't found an answer to this one.

If you are renting out your Main Residence and making a profit (i.e. rent exceeds mortgage, agency etc,) can you offset your MQ charge against it to break even?

My reasoning is this:

Assuming a MQ charge of £400pm
Assuming mortgage interest etc of £300pm on MR
Assuming a rental income of £700pm on MR

As I understand it, the taxman will be after his share of £400pm of your rental from MR.

However, in the example above you are paying that amount for your MQ which were you occupying your MR would be safely in your bank account!

In other words, the hypothesis above is break even, if the taxman takes from your £400 profit without taking into account your MQ charge, he is putting you to a loss.

I accept that additional income above break even should be taxable, but....

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