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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Porridge_gun, Mar 16, 2011.

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  1. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Has anyone got or had knowledge of either 2.5 diesel Chrysler Grand Voyagers or Renault Grand Espaces. (Diesel)

    I need to get another this week for Spain and the Holidays4heroes set up and am torn between both.

    For about £4.5k there are 04 plates on both, 90000miles with FSH....... I am struggling to make a decision.

    Can anyone shed any light, any niggles, any glaring flaws?

    Is there another 7 seater that big that is upto the job?

    Cheers for any assistance you turds.
  2. From what I understand (mostly via Clarkson, I'll admit) the Voyager is one of the most hateful peices of shit ever to be produced by anyone, ever.

    So the Renault might be a better bet.
  3. Kia Sedona is pretty well a rip off of the Voyager, but with much softer second hand values. The 2.5 petrol engine is a sweet Honda derived V6, but I've no experience of the diesel. Only problem I had with mine was a slightly dodgy stereo. 4.5k should buy you an 04 plate with about 50 000 miles on the clock.
  4. I drove an Espace to Germany pulling a horsebox full of everything but fucking horses (both belonging to the firm). No drama whatsoever. Very comfortable. No idea how fast it could go as I had the box on the back, but it was fine on the diesel and not once did I get a bout of convoy cock. Never driven a Chrysler but haven't heard anything nice said about them. If it's second hand that you are after have you looked at the Kia? It's about the same size as your common or garden 432. You will probably get more for your money.
  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    There aint many bad cars around these days so I'd buy whichever one had the best stereo. If it has volume controls on the steering wheel you can drown out the screams from the back seat with a touch. Then join the AA. Cost £60 and they send out Muppets with spanners if it all goes spanner shaped.

    Or buy a Transit van for £900. Spend £200 bolting benches in the back. They can peer out the back window, or lean forward and peer out the front window. Blow the rest on drugs and one of them pine tree air freshner things.
  6. Not the voyager PG,
    Hateful things, unreliable, thirsty and if memory serves the worst ever NCAP crash test scores
    Renault better but the KIA Sedona as everyone's said is good value for money, maybe a Transit Tourneo also as they are fairly solid bits of kit,
    Worse than Voyager is Pug 807/Cit C8, there's good reason they are that cheap
  7. The availability of parts and servicing may steer you away from the Chrysler.
  8. Try a toyota, I picked up a used late model one the other day that only had fifty nautical miles on the clock.
  9. My mate got one of them. Apparently they're quite 'nippy'.
  10. What, the engines flood unexpectedly?
  11. You should be able to get a 1.9 Tdi 03/53 SEAT Alhambra for that sort of money - a Volkswagen Sharan in all but name. German build quality at Spanish prices - what's not to like?
  12. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Cheers peoples,

    Seems unanimous that Chryslers are cack, shame, they are the better looking ones.

    Am looking at a 54 plate Grand Espace and a 55 plate Kia Sedona now. Sedona lower mileage, full leather and a DVD player which is ideal for the intros etc......... but they look fcuking horrible. and the Renault, whilst better looking is basic and with 30,000 more miles.

    Not a fcuking clue, people carriers are crap modes of transport but needed for shuffling cripples and broken people squaddies about. My only other thought was a pair of 53 plate Volvo V70s, which would cost about the same
  13. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Save money on the Kia, then pretend you're 19 and spend the difference on flash spinning alloys and a rally-style body kit. That'll solve your ugliness issue!

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  14. Now there's another point,
    Practicality, two V70 would be ace but the seven sear conversions are only for kids or dwarves and leave no boot space, the Espace seats 7 and leaves a bit of luggage room but access to 6&7 is tight, the Sedona IIRC has sliding doors and seats on runners so if getting in & out is an issue might be better?
    Most MPVs are compromised for access to back seats
  15. Does the look really matter if it's a "hire" car? If it works well and fits its role that's what matters. I'd say go for efficient. They all end up as tin cans eventually anyway.