MPs with Military connections

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wet_blobby, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. I've posted this in here in response to a question asked on the Prince Harry thread by Mr Happy, also I expect a few fellow Arrsers to question some of the more, shall we say less credible links to the military.

    MPs with experience of some sort in HM Forces, etc

    Army (20)

    John Baron (Conservative) - Captain Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 1984-87
    Richard Benyon (Conservative) - Army 1980-85
    Crispin Blunt (Conservative) - Army Officer 1979-90; Regimental duty 13th/18th Royal Hussars (QMO) in England, Germany and Cyprus
    Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith (Conservative) - Commissioned, Scots Guards 1975;ADC to Major-General Sir John Acland, KCB, CBE; Commander of Commonwealth Monitoring Force in Zimbabwe 1979-81

    James Gray (Conservative) - Honourable Artillery Company (TA) 1978-84; Member, HAC Court of Assistants 2002-
    Adam Holloway (Conservative) - Commissioned, Grenadier Guards 1987-92
    Eric Joyce (Labour) - Private, Black Watch Regiment 1978-81;Officer 1987-99
    Alan Keen (Labour/Co-operative) - Army service (3 years)
    Mark Lancaster (Conservative) - Officer Royal Engineers 1988-90;Major Royal Engineers (TA) 1990-
    Rt Hon Michael Mates (Conservative) - Army service 1954-74:2nd Lieutenant RUR 1955;Queen's Dragoon Guards, RAC 1961, Major 1967, Lieutenant-Colonel 1973, Resigned commission 1974

    Patrick Mercer (Conservative) - Sherwood Foresters 1975-1999
    Andrew Mitchell (Conservative) - UN Peacekeeping Forces Cyprus: 1st Royal Tank Regiment (SSLC)
    Mike Penning (Conservative) - Soldier, Grenadier Guards 1974-80;RAMC 1980-81
    Andrew Robathan (Conservative) - Regular Army Officer, Coldstream Guards and SAS 1974-89;Rejoined Army for Gulf War January-April 1991
    Hugh Robertson (Conservative) - Army officer The Life Guards, serving in Northern Ireland, Gulf War and Bosnia 1985-95
    Hon Nicholas Soames (Conservative) - Lieutenant, 11th Hussars 1967-72
    Sir Peter Tapsell (Conservative) - Subaltern Army national service in Middle East 1948-50;Royal Sussex Regiment
    David Tredinnick (Conservative) - 2nd Lieutenant Grenadier Guards 1968-71
    Ben Wallace (Conservative) - Army officer, Scots Guards 1990-98:Service in Northern Ireland, Central America, Cyprus, Germany; Intelligence 1994-95
    Sir Nicholas Winterton (Conservative) - Commissioned army national service 14th/20th King's Hussars 1957-59

    Ulster Defence Regiment (1)

    Rt Hon Jeffrey Donaldson (Democratic Unionist Party) - Ulster Defence Regiment 1980-85

    Territorial Army (12)

    Tony Baldry (Conservative) - TA Officer 1971-83; Honorary Colonel RLC(TA)
    Gregory Barker (Conservative) - TA (HAC)
    Julian Brazier, TD (Conservative) - TA 1972-82, 1989-92
    Derek Conway (Conservative) - Territorial Decoration (Territorial Army)
    Mark Francois (Conservative) - TA 1983-89, commissioned 1985
    Dominic Grieve (Conservative) - Territorial Army 1981-83
    Philip Hollobone (Conservative) - Soldier and paratrooper, Territorial Army 1987-95
    Ian Liddell-Grainger (Conservative) - Major Fusiliers TA
    Andrew Selous (Conservative) - TA officer Honourable Artillery Company, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 1981-94
    Keith Simpson (Conservative) - Honorary Colonel Royal Military Police T.A.
    Desmond Swayne (Conservative) - Major, Territorial Army; also called up to Gulf War II (Major in TA) (June 2003)

    Peter Viggers (Conservative) - National service RAF pilot 1956-58;Territorial Army Officer 1962-67

    Royal Air Force (7)

    Joe Benton (Labour) - RAF national service 1955-57
    Colin Challen (Labour) - RAF 1971-74
    John Smith (Labour) - RAF 1967-71
    Dr Bob Spink (Conservative) - RAF 1964-66 (invalided)
    Dr Richard Taylor (Independent) - Medical officer RAF 1961-64
    Peter Viggers (Conservative) - National service RAF pilot 1956-58;Territorial Army Officer 1962-67
    Robert Wareing (Labour) - RAF 1948-50

    Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (2)

    Ben Chapman (Labour) - Pilot Officer, RAFVR 1959-61
    Gerald Howarth (Conservative) - Commissioned RAFVR 1968

    University Air Squadron (1)

    Tim Yeo (Conservative) - Cambridge University Air Squadron 1964-67

    Royal Navy (2)

    Dr Andrew Murrison (Conservative) - Surgeon Commander Royal Navy 1981-2000; called up as Royal Navy Reservist (Medic) to Gulf War II in September 2003.

    Richard Ottaway (Conservative) - Royal Navy Officer 1961-70

    Royal Naval Reserve (2)

    Dr Julian Lewis (Conservative) - Seaman, Royal Naval Reserve 1979-82
    Dr Andrew Murrison (Conservative) - Surgeon Commander Royal Navy 1981-2000; called up as Royal Navy Reservist (Medic) to Gulf War II in September 2003.

    Foreign Armed Services (1)

    Dr Rudi Vis (Labour) - Dutch armed services 1960-64

    Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme (Fellowships)

    Rt Hon John Reid (Labour) - Fellow Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme

    Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme (Army)

    Dai Havard (Labour) - Member Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme (Army) 2002
    Stephen O'Brien (Conservative) - Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme (Army) 2001-03

    Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme (Navy)

    Stephen Pound (Labour) - Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme (Navy)
  2. Amazing how many are conservative and a smattering are liarbour. Ironic that at the time when most of the Conservatives were serving their now opposites in Liabour were all in Commie run/sponsored style organisations protesting against anything with a heartbeat (allegedly). Now they are the ones who are screwing our Forces by carrying on the good work.
  3. Ah Eric Joyce! Commissioned to ETS (perhaps RAEC) caused a stink by getting inviolved in writing a paper for the Fabian Society attacking the class riddled Officer class. All but chucked out as I recall.

    Interesting read here
  4. quite an eye opener
  5. was on a exercise with some officer in the gurkhas whose dad was an MP, tory i think does this count?
  6. Ian Duncan Smith, son of Group Captain Wilfrid George Gerald Duncan Smith, DSO and Bar, DFC and 2 Bars (28 May 1914 – 11 December 1996) a Second World War air ace, and author of "Spitfire into Battle"

  7. Paddy Ashdown(Lbieral Democrat) 1959-1972 Royal Marine Officer, also did a stint in the SBS.
  8. David Davis, currently Shadow Home Secretary, served with 21 SAS.

    Lord Ashdown spent 13 years with the Marines and SBS.

    EDIT: Yorkshireboy beat me to it.
  9. without being funny

    dont forget Gerry Adams MP

    he has a hell of a lot of military experience albeit

    as part of a terrorist group
  10. Pendant mode on

    James Gray has of course never been a regular so is in the wrong part of the list.

    Not at all sure Selous was ever an HAC officer, authough an RRF one (the wording on his cv is Geffrey Archer like in its abiguity)
  11. Not related to the Rhodesian Scouts then?

  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Just as a comparison Thatchers cabinet in 1982 (Falklands) v Blair's in 2003 (Iraq)

    Margaret Thatcher: Prime Minister (Married to Dennis - Major Royal - Engineers 2 x Mid's)
    William Whitelaw MC: Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of State for the Home Department (Army - Guards Armoured - Major )
    Geoffrey Howe: Chancellor of the Exchequer (Army -Royal Sig - Lieutenant)
    Leon Brittan: Chief Secretary to the Treasury
    Francis Pym MC: Lord President of the Council (Army - 9th Lancers - Captain)
    Lord Hailsham of St Marylebone: Lord Chancellor (Army - Rifle Brigade - wounded)
    Humphrey Atkins: Lord Privy Seal (Royal Navy 1940 - 1948)
    Lord Carrington MC: Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (Army - Grenadier Guards - Major)
    Peter Walker: Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
    John Nott: Secretary of State for Defence (Army - Gurkha Rifles - Malaya)
    Sir Keith Joseph MID: Secretary of State for Education and Science (Army - Royal Artillery - Captain wounded - Italy)
    Norman Tebbit: Secretary of State for Employment (RAF - pilot)
    Nigel Lawson: Secretary of State for Energy (Royal Navy - National Service)
    Michael Heseltine: Secretary of State for the Environment (Army - Welsh Guards - National Service)
    Norman Fowler: Secretary of State for Health and Social Security (Army 2nd Lt Essex Regiment - National Service)
    Patrick Jenkin: Secretary of State for Industry
    Baroness Young: Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
    James Prior: Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (Army - Royal Norfolk Regiment)
    Cecil Parkinson: Paymaster-General (RAF - NCO - National Service)
    George Younger: Secretary of State for Scotland (Army - Korea)
    John Biffen: Secretary of State for Trade and President of the Board of Trade
    David Howell: Secretary of State for Transport
    Nicholas Edwards: Secretary of State for Wales

    19 years later
    Blair's Cabinet

    Tony Blair — Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury, and Minister for the Civil Service:
    John Prescott — Deputy Prime Minister
    Gordon Brown — Chancellor of the Exchequer and Second Lord of the Treasury
    The Lord Irvine of Lairg — Lord Chancellor
    Robin Cook — Lord President of the Council & Leader of the House of Commons
    The Lord Williams of Mostyn — Lord Privy Seal & Leader of the House of Lords
    Andrew Smith — Chief Secretary to the Treasury
    Jack Straw — Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (Univercity CCF - opted out claimed - conscientious objection". )
    David Blunkett — Secretary of State for the Home Department
    Margaret Beckett — Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
    Stephen Byers — Secretary of State for Transport, Local Government and the Regions
    Alan Milburn — Secretary of State for Health
    Geoff Hoon — Secretary of State for Defence (CCF - 1967 - 70)
    Alistair Darling — Secretary of State for Work and Pensions
    Estelle Morris — Secretary of State for Education and Skills
    Patricia Hewitt — Secretary of State for Trade and Industry and Minister for Women and Equality
    Tessa Jowell — Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport
    Clare Short — Secretary of State for International Development
    John Reid — Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
    Helen Liddell — Secretary of State for Scotland
    Paul Murphy — Secretary of State for Wales
    Charles Clarke — Minister without Portfolio and Labour Party Chairman
    Hilary Armstrong — Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury and Government Chief Whip
    Lord Goldsmith: Attorney General

    I couldn't care less about Tory v Labour but it is interesting to see the changes in 20 years
    Who would you rather sent you off to fight?
  14. Praetorian you took the words out of my mouth.

    I hope that his conscience is causing him to donate his salary to a Forces

    charity seeing as he is the man in charge of the lads doing the business.
  15. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    There are many more with pretty close Military connections - Frank Cook MP, Labour, Stockton N, (and a thoroughly sensible bloke) has a Son who is, I am pretty sure, a SNCO in the REME. I'm sure there are other examples.

    There are also, of course a large number of ex-Military in the Lords - apart from the ex-Service Chiefs, that is.

    Finally, I was asked the question last week "why are there so many questions asked in the House regarding the TA, compared to the Regulars?" - and that was by someone pretty high up in the system. The reason is simple - there are no serving MPs in the Forces - but a good smattering in the TA, and a LOT more who are ex-TA.