MPs warn over nuclear space bombs and solar flares

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pandaplodder, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. So in other words Iran as they are currently developing a space capability (one of their satellites flies over the UK at least once a day)
  2. We need some advice from Tony Blair about such a thing.
  3. Better make some more big defence cuts then - "less is more", in a dangerous world..... apparently.
  4. The Septics never did abandon the 'Starwars Project' (SDI),,they only pretended to.....
  5. Excellent, I have 2 Broadswords and a sabre.
  6. Is this not the reason for the USA placing anti IBM son of star wars or whatever it is called in Europe
  7. If I wanted to disrupt a city, wouldn't it be more reliable and cheaper to nick a Transit and plant a nuke and let it off? Far more newsworthy, even a conventional PE bomb spiked with radio active material is relatively easy to fabricate and deliver. I'd be more worried about the square mile being a no go zone for 100 years and visible for all and sundry to see as a reminder than an EMP which may or may not have the effects predicted.

    Plus there's less chance of this

    India satellite rocket explodes after take-off - YouTube

    Or this

    Failed V2 Rocket - YouTube
  8. My understanding was that EMP was a vastly overrated concept - similar to nuclear winter, a theory which could only be made to work by the proponent falsifying the data and relying on a flat earth with no terrain variations. Much of the side effects of nuclear weapons are often completely misunderstood.

  9. Can I have a heavy hammer? swords are a bit 'french' for me.

  10. The devil, as always, is in the detail. Let nukes off at ground level or airbursts suitable for city smashing and EMP effects are not going to be the top of your list of things to worry about. However, let them off at altitude in or near the Van Allen belts and things are very different. The Yanks did this in the 50's, and scared themselves with the results. Electrical systems were blown, street lights went out and so on in Hawaii, best part of a thousand miles away from the blast. Those pre-chip electrics were far more resilient to EMP than the infrastructure we rely on today. Google Starfish Prime, part of Operation Fishbowl if you're interested.

    And even if nukes don't do it, we know the sun will some day. The only question is how long before it happens.
  11. HiD's Grandfather was the army fencing champion (and an Olympic gold medallist). Unfortunately he slipped off the plate a few years ago.
  12. That might be the only question for you, but I also want to know if it happened at night would we notice :?
  13. Google "Carrington event" - you might get to see the Northern Lights...

    Of course, if you can't buy food because the tills don't work, and you can't get cash because the cash machines or their infrastructure are humped, the least of your worries is that your phone doesn't work.

    If you want "really nasty", google "Gamma Ray Burster".
  14. OK, so which of these MP's has shares or Directorships pending in the companies that stand to make £Billions in the latest Henny Penny the sky is falling techno-scam?