MPs want 66% pay increase

Wah? No? God.
I'm not saying a word...

But since when was incompetence rewarded??
This is at the same time when MOD Civil Servants have just been offered 2-2.5%* pay increase, with allowances going up by 1.9%. The Forces increases will not be much greater either, a plague on teir House!

* Except for those so poorly paid that they have to have a bigger rise just to keep them above the National Minimum Wage


imagine a performance related pay scheeme for MP's, i wager a shilling that will get the khaaants into the house more frequently. if that were so and it was pay reward on promises delivered..... that will be many fcuked for a start, don't even mention blair and prescot ffs!


I was waiting for someone to start a thread on this after I read it in the 'Mail' this morning.

This follows the rise in their basic salary which came into effect in November and MP's have been advised by the whips that they can better avoid publicity for such a politically contentious demand by writing indivdually to the 'independent' pay revieve body rather than making a collective application.

A number of MPs from all the political parties are thought to have written letters for a self-serving pay rise.

I entertain no doubt they will get what they demand which, when effectuated, will lead to a further demand by them for an increase in their expenses!

Indirect taxation of the public such as 'road pricing' should cover any Treasury funding shortfall in this area.

Since this is a money grab by MPs from across the political spectrum, do not expect much Parliamentary opposition to the demand.

This is what is meant by 'single-ideology totalitarian state', those actions which occur when the differences between political partes reduce to vanishing point and there is not a dammed thing anyone can do about it!

They will still wring their hands in total astonishment that people have become disengaged from politics and regard politicians in general in contempt as little more than scum.

They don't 'get it' do they?!

They want to bring their pay in line with GPs? A GP has to train for seven years before he can practice his trade, a potential lawyer has to train for five years. An MP needs no academic qualifications whatsoever, he needs no academic or vocational training yet can sit on a legislature and make our laws. A member of the public with a criminal conviction will require a clear conviction sheet for certain types of employment, such as working in schools, even as a cleaner. An MP can be a convicted criminal or terrorist, or murderer Bobby Sands, Geoffrey Archer, Martin McGuinness, Gerry Adams and be rewarded with a fat salary by the taxpayer.

This is not British Politics, it is the decadent politics of Imperial Rome and pre-revolutionary France!

Let the peasants eat cake!


They also justify their increase as being necessary to bring them in line with local government councillors!

Interesting that, since it is central government who decided that councillors should be paid a salary as well as expenses and it was central government that set the level at which they would be salaried and expensed!

Indeed, it was the issue that the Labour Spin-Doctor Jo Moore sugested should be 'buried' beneath the 'bad news' of 9/11!

They cannot pray in aid of contention that they are following recommendations (if any) of any so-called 'independant' pay review body since, in the immortal words of Margaret Thatcher: "Advisers advise and Ministers decide"

Never mind, jail another pensioner for non-payment of Council Tax! Lets find further savings from the Legal Aid Budget etc etc.
What's the betting that the pay increase will be diverted towards paying off political party debt?

A levy on an MP's salary? Direct to party coffers?
If they don't like the (already overbloated) salary they can decide not to stand at the next election. Many MPs earn more as Members than they did in their normal jobs.

Don't like the pay and conditions - Don't take the job.


War Hero
It also complains that, since 2002, MPs’ pay has increased far more slowly than average earnings and has failed to keep pace with the retail price index. However, MPs claimed an average of £131,000 in allowances in the past year.

Strangely enough, I have complained that my military wage has failed to keep pace with with the RPI.

Prices for Gas, Electric are up by over 50%. Council tax is set to rise by an inflation busting 5% plus with plans to offset at 0.78% of your house resale value (this would result in a 22% increase in my council tax). Mortgage payments are creeping up with increased interest rates, Water meterage will be introduced and will no doubt result in increased bills.

This mentions only a few of the increased burdens on the average householder, and the advice of the politicians is to accept "prudence" and be grateful for the 2 - 2.5% pay increase. The RPI does not take into consideration mortgage repayments and is therefore flawed and presents an inaccurate low figure.

I do not have the luxury of employing my wife as my personal secretary and to offset her wages against my "expenses claim" and thereby boosting my combined income to over £100,000 per annum. With the introduction of JPA even my f*cking petrol allowance (for travelling some 70 miles a day to work and back) will be cut to zero forcing me to seek alternative employment if road charging comes in!!!!

I have mentioned in an earlier post about unsustainability in relation to price increases and wages. This is becoming more pronounced and it will only be a matter of time before the economy crashes with disastrous results.

Greed is only allowable and sustainable whilst those footing the bill fail to object. I have no doubts that this is another attempt by politicians to further engoge their snouts in the fiscal trough at taxpayers expense. If politicians pay was based on performance, the majority would be in line for major pay cuts!!!!!!

Yet another disgusting chapter in greed by those who preach fiscal discipline for the sake of the economy. This only serves to increase my personal contempt and distrust of these creatures!!!!!
Introduce Performance Related Pay: that way, the cnut will end up paying US!
Ah, fcuk it; I've got next Wednesday off, if anyone wants to kick-start the Glorious Revolution.
Scabster_Mooch said:
I cannot believe these people. If they do not like their already astronomical salary for doing a job that quite frankly anyone can do, perhaps they should quit?

If anyone can do it, then we should all be standing for Parliament. I personally think most people are too honest to do this job effectively. It is beneath most people to even entertain the idea of standing for parliament. This job attracts in the large part, a certain type of individual: dishonest; pachydermal; intensely ambitious; inflated ego; unquenchable thirst for the limelight; patronising of, and lording it over their constituents; self-important; self-edifying; self-seeking; selfish; self, self, self....

If they were brought into line with doctors, they'd be on an average of £106,000 per annum. Personally, I'd put them on the average wage - is this about £28K?. The fringe benefits of being an MP are always enough to supplement this.
Paymaster said:
This is at the same time when MOD Civil Servants have just been offered 2-2.5%* pay increase, with allowances going up by 1.9%. The Forces increases will not be much greater either, a plague on teir House!

* Except for those so poorly paid that they have to have a bigger rise just to keep them above the National Minimum Wage

MP's as public servants should have the same pay rises as the civil service, end of story.

We might even be able to out source there jobs to the Private Sector as well :evil:
Given the "performance" of MoD Civil Servants, they're lucky to be geing paid at all. Short of joining the Taliban and brassing up British troops in Helmand, it's difficult to imagine how those fcuking pen-pushers could do any more damage to the Armed Forces.
MoD staff, like most of the public sector, enjoy very cush conditions compared to those of us who work in the private sector, where Darwinism rules. Don't make a profit, you don't survive.
Governmen Departments don't have to worry about making a profit; they can always take more money from the Poor Bloody Taxpayer.
5-A Day Co-ordinaors? Gender Realingment Mentors? Call it £30,000 plus expenses and allowances.
Doubles all round, and have one for yourself.
Off course, I exempt NHS staff, police, etc who are part of the public sector and earn every penny they make. But a lot of civil servents get good money for non-jobs
FD - should'nt take more than 24 hours mate. Can't see many people being willing to take a bullet for our leaders.
Slot them all, stick Blair's head on the Palace Gates, back home for tea and medals.

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