MPs vote themselves extra £10k a year!


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Just when I thought my contempt for these creatures could get no worse, I read this:

MPs vote for £10,000 web funding

Members of Parliament have voted to give themselves £10,000 each a year to spend on things like websites to boost "public understanding" of Parliament.
The new allowance comes on top of the £20,000 office running costs allowance and £7,000 for pre-paid envelopes

Later in the report:
The 2005/06 payments - about £131,000 per MP - come on top of a basic salary of about £60,000 and a pension.
This gives them, before any increase for inflation (And I wonder what % increase they gave themselves?) over £200,000 each.


My problem is obviously that I do not have sufficient "understanding" of the great job they do. This allowance will obviously help cure me of this thoughtcrime.

Trebles all round in Westminster!!

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