MPs vote for an extra £10,000 allowance

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by commander-adama, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. "MP's have voted to give themselves £10,000 each a year to spend on websites to boost "public understanding" of Parliament"
    Is this really a good example for MP's to set and a good use of our money.All it will be for is shameless self promotion and saying how hard they allegedly work!
    Pathetic,self serving w*****s.
  2. Multiply £10,000 by 650 MP's and you could at least get our guys a decent pair of boots. MP's - don't you just love 'em.
  3. I run 3 websites and it costs me £50 a year. Where does the figure of £10,000 come from?
  4. Indeed. A decent CMS system would come in way under that without the politicians having to hire expensive we design companies to do it for them. A typical example of govt IT knowledge being limited and over priced.
  5. hmmmmmmmmm anyone got the address for the LEAN teams doing the rounds. Think I have a wonderful place for them to go and poke holes in chests "sayig exactly what the feck do you do then" :wink:
  6. It seems everyone is expected to make allowances.
  7. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    On the day they tell the public sector to expect below inflation pay rise. Why are all our MP's such greedy little bastards.
  8. I tried posting this yesterday but after 3 failures gave up.

    Apparently Jack Straw declared that an extra £10,000 per MP should be given to enable them to communicate with their constituents more effectively. He felt it was value for money.

    Critics however, stated that it meant MPs would probably use the money for their respective party's message thus cutting the cost of their bills. It also give them a couple of years to hammer us before the next election.

    Total cost to the taxpayer will be £4.5 million.

    With cuts everywhere and HMG saying we should tighten our belts I think this is taking the p###.

  9. The government takin the pi55. They have been doing it for over 10 years. Why would you expect them to change now?
  10. Why do they ALL need it? Surely a single department or web designer can deal with this. Why does every MP need to do seperately unless it is for party propaganda?
  11. Maybe some of them can't operate a computer? Also, if they are given 10 grand apiece it will disappear into their own expense accounts - than you very much!
  12. If you didn't read it on ARSSE you wouldn't believe it.

  13. Presumably this means about £100 for the website and software, maybe £1000 for a dedicated PC to run it from, c.£5,000 p.a. to someone who'll run/update it, and the balance for latte, styrofoam cups etc.

  14. I have a better understanding of parliament since this Phoney Tony party were elected.They are nothing but a shower of greedy barstewards all of them.Lets get them out before we are working for nothing in order to keep this Hitlerite in power.
  15. I'm not surprised nor am I able to contain my anger. A letter to the local MP me thinks. Let's see what Mrs Laura Moffett has to say for herself.

    I am writing to ask for an explanation into the latest increase in MPs allowances. I am struggling to understand why this increase is justified and what perceived benefit you believe that the taxpayers will gain from this extra expense.

    As an ex-soldier I find it hard to believe that this self-serving Government will put public perception of its Politicians above that of the needs and requirements of its soldiers. Do you not agree that this money could be better spent supporting the serving troops in the multiple theatres of war which this Government has sought to impose its Foreign policy upon?

    Eagerly awaiting her 'response'....