Just how low will our MPs stoop. It now seems that as many as possible are hopping aboard anything that flies to visit Afghanistan to receive their badge of honour prior to the next election.

I do feel that this does a disservice to our troops stationed there as I can imagine that they will hop off the plane into the nearest mess and back on again to the safety of Parliament.

What a load of W...ers they are
Be fair though for many Labour MPs it will be the last chance for free travel for a considerable time.
Damned if they do, damned if they don't but I am sure PJHQ are keeping a tight control of it.

Sooner the election is called the better because they are then banned from electioneering at Service Establishments - everyone gets a rest.


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I'm pretty sure that there's no more visiting now than there ever was - and PJHQ do keep a VERY close hold on this. There were a couple who went out last year on their own, but that is very rare.

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