Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by scouse_phil, Feb 11, 2009.

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  1. I am wondering if anyone on here is a member of MPS (V) and if so could they enlighten me on what they do, in particular what they do in comparison to their regular counterparts.

    From what I understand those working in this unit are likely to be deployed to an operational theatre once trained. What does the work involve in theatre? What does the work involve when you're not?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.
  2. Scouse

    MPS(v) carry out exactly the same roles as their regular counterparts. In short you'll either find yourself at the MCTC or the Theatre Detainment Facilites after mobilisation. The MPS are really strapped for manpower with the current Op tempo, so unless you a prepared to deploy in the first 18 months or so I'd give them a miss.

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  3. I know someone who is a met copper who transfered to the MPS, he transfered back within 6 months, alledgedly the promotion was dead mans shoes. I suppose its a busmans holiday if your a screw in civvy street though!
  4. Well of the original 9 Seniors who deployed on Telic 2, only 3 are left. That might give you an indication. Admin and Military Training for the TA early on was P**s poor, 'Trade' training was good with a lot of Input and experience coming from the HMP lTA lads. I'm told that things are slowly improving but the MCTC is still very much a Monday to Friday establishment. Promotion above Sgt is pretty much Dead mens shoes and the ceiling is pretty much SSgt unless you are ex MPS.
  5. Thanks, i've seen that the regular MPS deliver 'green' and various other training to those in 'custody'. Is this also the role of tha TA or is this purely a regular role?

    In an operational theatre is it basically MCTC but in the sand? I had heard that MPS (V) also go out on operations in theatre and are the 'experts' on PoW handling...what does that involve, just telling someone you can't mistreat them?

    There is mention on their website about receiving specialist training in hostage negotiation - when would such training be needed????!! The other specialist training it says you receive is custodial duties, control and restraint and suicide awareness...surely this is/should be something all staff would be trained in from the outset.
  6. All the roles at the MCTC are open to the TA but Training Wing for the SUS is usually only open if you have prior skills and time at a training establishment.

    Operationally the TA are carrying out exactly the same role as the regs and to be honest you'd have great difficulty telling who was Reg or TA in Theatre. The guide lines for the custody of PW's can be found in JSP 1-10 and any more than that is really in the realms of the ICRC therefore not really open for discussion less we breach the detainees 'Civil Rights' (I sh*t you not!)

    All staff are given a wide broad brush training in the subjects you mentioned but certain staff are given far deeper training to act as SME's ie Substance Misuse, Negotiator etc and are trained usually alongside HMP staff.
  7. You seem quite well versed on what they do...are you part of MPS?
  8. No, he's a broken old alchy bastard with a viscous dog.

  9. That would be telling :wink: Lets just say The MCTC was a posting I haven't missed!

    Prae has the description down quite well, except the Dog only bites Pointy Head Wedgies :)

    Prae Have the scars healed yet?
  10. Those have. I acquire new ones daily. Check PM's mate.
  11. Anyone considering transferring / joining MPS(v), think VERY long and hard. You will be promised the earth, etc etc then once in you will find the training very hit and miss. :x

    On forming it attracted a lot of serving coppers/prison officers. Obviously as they are skilled at dealing with detainees/prisoners. However a 'hard core' of ex regular MPS are now joining up and securing all the better positions/higher rank slots. You will not gain promotion past Sgt for quite a few years, despite what you are told.