MPs urge sanctions against Israel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Feb 5, 2004.

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  2. these people should be made live in israel and see what its like living in fear and then see if they are against the wall, instead of going back to there semis in the midlands :evil:
  3. msr

    msr LE

    And then for balance, presumably, they should spend an equal amount of time living in a Palestinian refugee camp or an occupied area....

  4. I think some of the right hon members may find out about the horror of suicide bombings soon enough. Especially if some of the fundementalists that are loose in this country take offence at something the Govt decieds. I mean we've had British Born suicide Bombers in Israel and Afganistan. How long till one of the crazies decides to stay at home when he goes to meet allah and the 72 virgins.
    Have absoultly no problem with them doing it as long as they go somewhere quiet were they won't hurt anyone else.
  5. Well said jash!

    I’ve been lucky (?) enough to live in Israel twice, once as a 6 year old and then as a Uni student. Both times have been during periods of relative calm so it was a nice easy going place, however...

    As a 6 year old my first day at school was taken up in what we do if we have..

    ...A gunman on the premises.
    ...A hostage situation.
    ...A riot.
    ...A bomb threat.
    ...An explosion.
    ...An air attack.

    Any of you got 6-year-old kids? Try explaining these to them and not frighten the life out of them. I slept in the bomb shelter at home for about a week!

    As a Uni student I lived in Jerusalem, when I went out I had to leave a note pinned to the notice board, we had a map of areas we should never go. We had security briefings on safety, and updates on activities that may effect us on a weekly bases. Again I slept most nights in the bomb shelter.

    Now many of you might say that’s you have felt like that, the fear and all, but I am a civilian. I never choose that fear to be visited on me.

    Building walls? If your next door neighbour throw stones at you every time you went to walk out of your home what would you do?
  6. here here well said nurse
  7. bbc, whilst that is a pretty awful way to live your life. Perhaps you would consider the plight of a Palestian of the same age and potentially same socio-economic background.

    As a 6 year old you wouldn't have to travel far from your home to school as your home is probably being lived in by an Israeli family and you have spent the first 6 years of your life in a squalid refugee camp. If you get to go to school you are one of the lucky ones.

    If you were in one of the two camps in Lebanon you may not see your 7th birthday because the Israeli Army have decided that the best way to solve the problem of militant Islamic terrorism is to let the nutters who are their allies loose (akin to us cordoning off the Bogside and letting the UVF run riot).

    As a Uni student, if you have any get up and go you will have left the region and gone to study elsewhere, where you will spread the word of what your life has been like up till now and thereby garnering the sympathy of most of the people you meet.

    You may on the other hand have worked hard enough to be able to buy a small holding and farmed it in order to make money trading with the Israelis because you have resigned yourself to the fact that they are here to stay. But even then you may one morning wake to find that someone in Tel Aviv has allocated your land as a settlement and you are being given a matter of hours to pack your bags and get out.

    I happen to think that the Wall is now the only answer but it has to be accompanied with a return of some lands and a withdrawal of the settlements.
  9. bbc, thanks for a measured response to my slightly intemperate post. Personally I think the errors that led to this debacle are way back in the early part of the last century.

    However, in the same way that the Israeli nation shouldn't be judged by the actions of the few nutters on that side, nor should the Palestians be characterised by the Suicide bombers.

    The point is that the most powerful nation in the world gives its almost unconditional backing to the Israelis while the Palestinians are monumentally badly led, and funded only by people who see the war in religious terms making them a PR nightmare. However the actions of the Israelis who continue to expand into what remains of the Palestinian land whilst calling for peace negotiations make peace just as difficult as the actions of the Suicide bombers.

    At the moment Israel has no pressure to reform. Perhaps sanctions would bring them to their senses. The Spams won't like it but never mind!
  11. Sanctions are well and good but unless eveyone is involved (ie UN) then there no effective and could have the result of making things worse :( :?
  12. why not put a buffer zone in and get the a 3rd party to police it like Britain we seam to do all the other crap places in the world
  13. what not were in the neighbourhood and its on our way anyway :D
  14. Progroms, persecution, The holocaust, terrorism and now sanctions too? 8O
    Deep Joy
    Oh who would be a Jew :evil:
  15. Ah now blessed baby cakes was only trying to give a view point lets not get to personal Lady_Landy