MPs Told To Repay More Than £1.3m Expenses

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by buttonsin3s, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. The Legg report has cost us £1.16 million
    MP's are paying back £1.12 million according to The Times

    After Legg has blown over the rules will return to being as accomadating as possible and MP's will resume normal practice of helping themselves to our money.
  2. Good.
  3. Hurrah! Net after all appeals etc MP's have to pay back £1.12m. Good. Evil doers struck down. Taxpayers money not wasted.

    Sadly, the Legg reoprt cost £1.16m?

    Ah well, it was worth it to snuff out the troughers
  4. Snuff them out? I don't see anybody up infront of the Judge for theft or fraud. I don't see any of them sacked. I don't see any of the thieving cnuts in the stocks outside the townhall.

    So they are paying back a million quid between 650 of them, my MP alone takes a third of that in pay and exenses.
  5. The honourable members should now be made to pay for the inquirys and reports out of their own pockets, the thieving cnuts
  6. Highest over-claimer was Government minister Barbara Follet - bless her. As a poor socialist I am sure she needed every penny of the £44,000 for telephone lines and personal security. After all, if it wasn't for these claims she wouldn't be able to afford to go into politics. She might have had to get a proper job or even worse rely on her husband to support her.

    Must do an internet trawl to see if Mr Follet can afford to subsidise his wife's political aspirations.

    Edited to add: And David Blunkett still has the gall to go on the news claiming that if it wasn't for these little extras we would only be left with hereditry peers and toffs in government. (I paraphrase a little)
  7. What Ken is a multi millionair author
  8. Oh that Ken Follet- no sh!t?
  9. Is your name tropper or trigger?
  10. Tony Wright just came on the news and sums it all up. When challenged about the outrage felt by the citizens of the UK he said "..well I am about to retire and will again be a citizen so I understand people's feelings"

    Exactly the point, as an MP they see themselves as being above the rest of us mere little people.
  11. Went to the same school, see him somtimes at funerals
  12. Just read that my MP stole £2,500. Any chance of me being able to take it out of her face with a baseball bat?
  13. You forgot to mention the married couple, MPs Andrew MacKay and Julie Kirkbride who owe around £60000, or Liam Fox' £24000

    I wonder why?
  14. Pales into insignificance with what you have claimed over 10 years Sven.

    Hope to see the odious couple in the gutter pretty soon for what its worth. I only commented on the top fraudster - I believe they all need to be held to account, I'm not selective in that respect.