MPs to review NI barrack security


Again gent's,
Please let's not speculate.This is posted for information.


A group of MPs is to review the private civilian security service which guards Army bases in Northern Ireland following the murders of two soldiers.

Commons Counter Terrorism Sub-Committee chairman Patrick Mercer said they would examine if the NI Security Guard Service was an appropriate deterrent.

He said security at bases in Great Britain seemed to be more stringent.

The Security Guard Service was formed after the end of the Army's involvement in operations in Northern Ireland.

"It's very easy to be wise after the event, but I do have to ask why in Scotland, Wales and England if you go to a military barracks there you'll find as a minimum a fully warranted armed MoD policeman and probably an armed soldier, sailor or airman with an automatic rifle standing alongside," he told BBC Radio Ulster.

"I don't understand why there was a difference in the alert levels in Northern Ireland."

The Conservative MP added: "I understand the delicate and critical nature of the political situation in Northern Ireland and the raising of the security profile can have a disproportionate effect upon the political process - the fact remains that lives are at risk."

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