MPs to debate right of abode for former British-Hong Kong servicemen, Wednesday 11 March 11am


Right of abode for former British-Hong Kong servicemen – Westminster Hall debate

Due to take place between 11 – 11.30am on Wednesday 11 March.

This is debate it to be moved by Andrew Rosindell, MP for Romford.

How to watch

The debate can be viewed on Parliament TV Player.

Transcripts of proceedings in the House of Commons are available three hours after they happen in Today’s Commons Debates.

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I missed it on Weds due to work so I'll have a watch tonight.
No surprises at all from the report in Hansard.

The LEPs in Hong Kong were well and truly shafted. All that was being asked for was 300 extra rights of abode for members of the HKMSC, HKRNS and ASD Guard who had served in the British Military and who, because they had served in the British Military, would be (and are) barred from many jobs in Hong Kong by the Chinese.

At the time this was debated, in the early 90's, the full allocation of 50,000 rights of abode were divided between units, with a set number being allocated to each. The Hong Kong Police were guaranteed to be able to continue to serve in the police post-1997 and they never filled their quota. Their "spare" allocation could have been given to the military LEPs with no overall increase in numbers, and this solution was put to Chris Patten and rejected without explanation.

The claim that no-one has been left stateless is simply untrue. The commander of the ASD Guard, a commissioned Lt who was the third generation of his family in the ASD Guard (and whose nephew, recruited and trained in 1992, was the fourth generation) was stateless after serving in the British Army for over three decades.

They were (and are) British. They were shafted.

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