MPs to be prosecuted over expenses

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Waiting with baited breath but only expecting a fizzle!...

  2. Maybe they can reclaim £20m, that would be nice.
  3. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Expect a few small fry to be thrown to the wolves at the most. I doubt any of the real criminals will be bought to what is laughingly refered to as justice these days.
  4. Mr Brown said he believed: "the worst offenders should face prosecution."

    So throw a few scapegoats to the wolves (who have probably stood down anyway) and the rest pay back what they owe and say sorry for any 'errors' they may have committed.

    You can see how this will play out already.
  5. Good, might that mean St Tony.... Oh, I forgot all his 'Expenses Claims' were accidently on purpose shredded (allegedly), some years ago.... Nice one Tony.... 'Money For old Rope'...... :cry:

    There's no flies on our Tony...... just a load of sh1te..........(all alleged of course)... and of course he's got Mrs to defend him under the 'Uming Rites Act' if things do go t1ts up and he does end up receivng a Summons from Ye County Sheriffs's Office...... He'll probably find that his 'Social Diary' is suddenly full up with engagements accross the pond giving 'Big Speaks' to the daft and naive.... :p :?

    Oh...we really do lurve you... Oh Most Sainted One....... :roll: :roll: :roll:

  6. Yeah, funny that, I wonder what would happen if I told the Taxman I'd 'accidentally' shredded all my paperwork when I was self employed and they wanted to check my accounts?
  7. There will be a couple of token Labour back bench trouble makers thrown to the wolves and afte that it will be a tool used to have a pop at the Tories in the run upto an election.

    Justice doesn't apply to politicians.
  8. Don't be daft. Our lords and masters are above the law.
  9. Labour trouble-makers to be thrown to the wolves - a list:

    Bob Marshall-Andrews,
    Kate Hoey,
    Frank Field,
    John McFall.

    Will the thieving swine now 'ennobled' be liable to prison as well?
  10. Hello all,

    I’ve asked the admin here if I can come in and talk to you, as I see you have been talking about the MPs' expenses scandal.

    I asked to officially post, as I wanted to let you know about a campaign we've launched, called Open Up, to make politics more open and transparent. In particular we are calling on the public to sign our petition for open primaries which we want in place by the next election.

    The petition is at and we've had some pretty funny videos made by the comedy legend, John Lloyd, on our YouTube page too.

    You can also join us on Twitter and Facebook.

    As this is something I know a fair few people here are passionate about I thought you might like to support us!

    I look forward to hearing your views, thanks for reading.

  11. I should bloody well think so too !! --- And then jail the little shats.
  12. MPs to be prosecuted over expenses? Right!

    In other news, the Pope was seen giving out free Johnnies in Piccadilly Circus. :D

  13. I confidently predict that not a single member or former member of the 'Duck House' Parliament will face a single judge on any criminal charge.

    The media can speculate all it likes - its good copy.

    It simply is not going to happen!
  14. It's not as though we are talking about the 'Ordinary' man in the Street.
    These are the peoples Elected Represetatives.
    They have been chosen to Represent the Ordinary Man in the Street.
    They make the Laws We ALL LIVE BY.
    People elcted to High Office are requried to have High Standards, for as they make the law we all have to obey, they too must be held accountable to the highest Court in the land and if found guilty then they must suffer the maximium Punishment Demanded by the Laws they have created.
    Lock up and throw away the key.
  15. I doubt very much whether you'll find anybody who'll gainsay that, Jonwilly. But you're thinking as a normal person with moral standards and a sense of honour and justice. But these slimy, corrupt scum are MPs. Nuff sedd!