Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mr_McKay, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. A quick question for those in the know. I've recently heard a rumour that one element of FAS for the TA is the formation of a TA element to the MPS. Is this true and is so where do I get some information?
  2. Mr M

    You heard right, There has been a AGC(MPS)(v) Detachment since 2003. All training is carried out at MCTC although the unit is part of CVHQ AGC. To my knowledge only one probs course has so far been run as a pilot. It is a sponsored unit and entry is restricted to former MPS/RMP, Civ Pol and serving custody/Prison officers. Transfer from other arms is the same terms and conditions as the regular MPS ie min rank for transfer is class one Cpl or SNCO. Rank upon completing the probs course is Sgt. Training is currently 21 days a year, a 15day 'camp' (for that read shift work on the companies). Two long weekends Thurs/Sun One of which is ITD training. If you require contact details etc you can either PM me or contact the Adjutant MCTC.
  3. Looking for a job when you finish with your Company? Busmans holiday isn't it, why not go to the OTC and scare some PO's with tales of 'Bubba'. :twisted:
  4. Baldrick - Thanks for that I will PM you direct.

    STA_ Just keeping my options open.
  5. Actually this is something worth thinking about for me, as I am over age for the rest of the TA. Furthermore, Colchester could be in striking distance from my residence in Holland.

    Down sides are my job, I spend enough time away from home as it is, and if I was to be mobilised I could be let go, unless I could swing 6 months special leave WITHOUT pay. Not a happy prospect.
  6. I think you'll find that all TA moblisation is done on a volunteer basis these days. With the current manning problems I think they would be more than happy just to get a few extra shifts out of you at the nick :lol: