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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by shamrock, Jun 20, 2011.

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  1. Anyone know much about the MPS Reserves. Works under the AGC capbadge. I know the AGC cover RMP, MPS and MPGS. Is there such a thing as MPS (TA)? Have been down the acio and they ,ave never heard of it. Is there such a thing as prison officer? as advertised on the army website?
  2. Yes there is such a thing as MPS(V). They are based down at Colchester and can be contacted on 01206 543591. Minimum rank is Sgt or have substantial experience working in the civil police or prison service.

    The TA Adjutant General's Corps - ARRSEpedia
  3. Check your PM's
  4. Does anyone know if the Prison Service (or Government?) have changed the rules to aid TA recruitment by allowing serving Prison Officers to join?

    Is there anyone known of who has joined up without letting the Prison Service know?
  5. HM Prison Service used to refuse to allow Unifomed Grades to join the Reserves. Non uniform staff could join but had to inform them.

    I believe the rules were changed after GW2, (some ex forces Prison Officers were called up for GW1 but were refused permission to go by HM Prison Service, some resigned from the Prison Service and went, some went anyway and sorted out the problems afterwards, some were called up, spent days falling out with HMP over it only to be stood down by MOD).

    In GW2 onwards a few exforces Prison Officers went in the MPS role even through they were not in the MPS when serving.

    Due to privatisation and the fact Group 4 Detention Officers could be members of the TA, I believe the rules were changed to allow Prison Officers to join the TA/reserves.

    You will need to obtain a current copy of the Staff Hand Book for the Rule and Para to quote.

    Don't be surprised if obstacles are placed in your way by your management.
  6. Thanks. Food for thought. Always like a challenge.
  7. So you joined the army...........................but only part-time?
  8. So did I but it cost me.

    Seek advice from the POA as I believe that it is discrimation not to allow you to join the TA.

    The Management will be over your sick record, attendence record like a rash to find way to prevent you doing the TA, they are not willingly going to release you when there are ED's, weekend shifts, Bed Watches etc, to cover.

    You will make a mess of the SPAR Forms.
  9. You sound like you're in the know? Have you managed to wangle it?
  10. PM Sent
  11. Great info DB216LOKDVR I'm gonna start looking into it myself, I'm working as prison officer at the moment and just got accepted onto a training course for the sfreserves. Any info would be appreciated in making a case for our 'iron lady' aka governor to let me do it as the course runs alternate weekends for 18weeks minimum in Wales. Does anyone know if it's in a current pso or psi so can quote it.
  12. I am ex HMP now, pensioned off, so I do not have access to PSI's, PSO's, Staff Hand Book etc.

    Speak to the POA or PSU etc as they should have info on this, or your EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES OFFICER, it works both ways.

    The management will try and put obstructions in your way, they did when I was on the landings.

    I loved my last female Governor, she kept on serving me with DAPS 4's and giving me extra periods of leave!!, if only she could have tied it up with the dates for annual camp, exercises and training etc.

    Make enquires within the establishment/area and see if any of your oppo's served in the Gulf they should be able to support your case.