MPs secret pay rise

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by slick, May 6, 2008.

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  1. Not really surprised by anything that the self serving barstewards do anymore :x
    MPs secret pay rise
  2. Why are we complaining? - We voted* the kunts in! (The sooner we get rid off the current bunch of dross the better. Good start last week.)

    * Not me personally
  3. I think it is about time we had an inquiry into the last general election and find out just who did vote for New Liarbour as I don't know of a single person who will admit to putting their cross next to one of the lying *****
  4. But it is not just the liar barstewards! Every MP from every party has their nose so deep in the trough they cannot breathe. We need proper power to control the thieving knuts.
  5. This strengthens my belief that the only person who entered the house with good intentions was Guido Fawkes
  6. Perhaps a performance related pay system should be used, only get paid when they turn up to the Palace of Westminster, or attend their respective constituency offices/duties.
    And rather than the second house system why not put them up in accomodation with a pay as you dine facility.
  7. Come on, Gordon Brown is all about understanding our problems, thats what 'makes him tick'

    W*a*n*k*e*r*s the lot of them, not that Cameron and Co would be any better but it would be nice to see what its like. OT, i believe most people who voted Lairbore were from north of the border who if i'm not mistaken have there own devolved parliament (Which isn't their fault, good on em). I think that had the vote not included the Scots the Conservatives would be sat in No 10 now. (But i may be mistaken)
  8. Lib Dem MP Norman Baker, a leading campaigner against Westminster sleaze, said: “This sounds quite wrong. There needs to be an independent assessment

    Bet he turns it down when it happens then. NOT!

    MPs claimed an average of £136,000 in expenses and allowances last year.

    That's a lot of receipts
  9. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about, they work hard for us and deserve every penny they get.
  10. To get rid of this bunch of incompetent rabble can I advise that you have all registered to vote - you do need to check with your electoral officer in your home town. You will be surprised to find how many of you were disenfranchised at the last general election
  11. LMAO! What an astute observation... and such a quotable one as well. :lol:

    Here's a question for you, how many of your crooked politicians were crooked lawyers first? Seems like all of ours fit into that catagory...
  12. It stinks, they stink, the whole confraternity at Westminster are inhabiting a dungheap of their own making and are reveling in the mire of their self servitude, fueled by the morally bankrupt crew at the top lead by Broon and that Glaswegian dwarf martin (no capital letter for HIM by God).

    "Enough!, Go!, Begone!, for we are done with you, each and all of you, coxcombs, mountebanks and mummers, scoundrels and jackanapes, pretenders to you own delusions, depart I say, lest your blood soil this place."
  13. Either destined to a short posting career, or a practices wah. I suspect the latter
  14. They (MPs) in general are appalling but what do they care?
  15. An obvious statement that they are far removed from the working class.

    Not too long a go it was a 26% payrise and the only thing all parties agreed on.

    Are there still those that believe every UK citizen must vote? For who exactly?