MPs Second homes Scam

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by heard_it_all_before, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. The solution is to convert/build a block of dorms of these greedy bastards.

    Get travelodge to do it then add security.

    The dorms will have free bus to and from parliament.

    MPs to get free travel via rail/bus nationwide. If they want to use the car, then they can pay for it themselves.
  2. No wonder the Govt has done nothing to address housing affordability. They've been making money off both their properties.
  3. They are all greedy mother ****ing *****.

    Sorry. I realize this is Current Affairs but I simply cannot help myself.
  4. Interesting to see how many of them are from the Labour Party - the party of the British working class.
  5. "Interesting to see how many of them are from the Labour Party - the party of the British working class."
    Funny enough just heard that the Northern Rock headquarters is in Newcastle and who just happens to be MPs all around the area???
    Is it me or is there a bit of a whiff of lets look after our own????
  6. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    They spout shoite about "respect, and a better way of life" You show us some fukking respect then you greedy two face basstardoes.

    Saw a comment the other day, cannot remember where, and it basically said, that they live in homes paid for by the taxpayer, i.e. us, and if and when they lose their seat, it is passed onto the next halfwit. Then, the greedy, snivelling little weasles do not make money from us, but get a home in London free.

    They make me sick, the lot of them. just Fukk off
  7. I'm not surprised. Not one on them is worth a vote, Over paid for the work they do and I wish to bugger I could have a nice long summer holiday like they do! Its not just westminster, Paisley Jr is dipping his hand in the till, and he and his old man claimed 60k of taxpayers money for his office in Ulster way above everybody else.
  8. This will get your blood boiling even more; this is a link to all their allowances:$366586.htm

    20 shagging pence per mile for riding a push bike, that's nearly more than our MMA
  9. That's £11540 PA before they get to the lower rate. The mind boggles!

  10. Nothing new, and nothing different between the parties........... all a bunch of self-centred robbing bustards.
  11. Yes, you're right. It's not just Labour, it's all of them!
  12. I used to claim lodging allowance - no accommodation where I was posted. Flat rate, and could not be used if you owned a property inside an hours reasonable journey time, and could not be used to pay off a mortgage.

    The same rules do not seem to apply to our representatives.

    I used to think that they were mostly well-meaning - but theiving B******s now seems more appropriate.
  13. MPs'

    Sorry, but I've finally cracked over apostrophes !!!!!!!

    If, however, we are talking about ONE MP, then I apologize, provided of course that he or she has more than one 'second home'.

    'Education, education, education'.

    PS: Thread poster please do not be offended because you are in a majority of those who cannot, or more likely were not taught, understand the apostrophe.
  14. Get them to put up some deserving guys family living in crap state accommendation.