MPs redacted expenses

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Jun 19, 2009.

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  1. I cannot believe the stupidity of Mps to publish their redacted expenses,after the full version has already been published.It seems to be a ''beggar my neighbor'' move(and these people make our laws!)

    What can be done to cleanse Parliament of these dishonest people?

    A start might be to mobilise honest people to stand for Parliament as Independents,upon whom the main parties cannot rely for lobby votes?

    Something has to be done-and soon.

    Suggestions and action wanted!
  2. I had a read of my MP's edited expenses.
    I think I'll just give the cnut a kicking, if I can find him that is. He doesn't seem to be round here much.
    All that is left on his is his name and a figure, nothing else remains. Utterly pointless excersise
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    the lib dem fella on QT tonight came out with a good suggestion - he said he was quite happy to sit in front of his constituents and answer any and all questions they had over his claims - will the worst offenders across all parties make such a commitment?

    not while I still have a hole in my arrse, I suspect.
  4. Ed Davies AND Ken Clarke also said that whatever was redacted was not down to them but civil servants who were given the job. The beaurocracy also decided the criteria for redaction.
  5. I am glad that 'muhandis' put inverted commas around the word 'redacted' in the title thread.

    What a fatuous word to use when 'published' would suffice. Does the Civil Service have a section that dredges up obscure words in order to make us feel stupid and to believe that the matter is very important.

    Incidentally, this is yet another matter that Brown the Clown has completely b*ggered. Newspaper publishes FULL details, Brown follows suit but blanks out most relevant details. (Mandelson must be regretting coming back into this shambolic fold).
  6. Idoubt that. he is the most powerful man in the uk at the moment. thats why he wanted broon to stay, so he has a weak 'official' PM he can control completely. we have an unofficial PM who is entirely unelected.
  7. What really annoys me about this redaction is the attitude that MPs have that the 'electorate is stupid so if we just black out everything and tell them it's for 'security' they will toddle off happy'.

    I particularly resent being regarded as more stupid than an MP, particularly having seen the standard of debate and behaviour in the house, why, they can't even fiddle their expenses properly.
  8. So it's not the fault of MP's then :roll: ?

    And lets’ stop calling it redaction. Unless you mean putting the expenses into a suitable literary form e.g. a fairy story perhaps.

    Let's call it a cover-up shall we? Purely for accuracy you understand.

    Although I do admire you Whet - you'll get that Iron Cross yet 8)
  9. Redaction is probably "within the rules!!!"
    LMAO at all parties especially Labour. They could not organise a p*ss up in a brewery. U turn after U turn, scandal after scandal. How can they appoint any minister/junior minister without first asking " Have u any skeletons in your cupboard - speak now and we will investigate prior to making any firm decision on your appointment?"
  10. Not True,just watched BBC Breakfast,journo from the Telegrunt,says that the MP's "consulted" with the Fees Office,and told them what to black out,sorry I meant "Redact " :roll:

    Telegrunt supplement tomorrow(Saturday),is going to contain copies of claims side by side,before and after "redaction". :wink:
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Wow - the head of the Parliamentary 'watchpoodle' Sir wotsisface said it wasn't him or his staff that decided what was blanked out, and the politicians are saying that they didn't decide what was blanked out . . . .

    Wonders never cease. I'll tell you who it was - the bloke I'madinnerjacket and his nasty, horrible Zimbabwean mates from North Korea wot did all the 'redacting' - I heard it on the BBC last night.
  12. For "redaction", read censorship. All done in the best socialist traditions of course.

  13. 'Redacted' is a new'ish buzz word. The Bloody Sunday inquiry is where it started so far as I know. It was used to me in the statement drafting process and I had to ask wtf it meant.
  14. next we need to see how many MPs have other jobs? i.e non-executive roles etc @£000's a year. then let them clock in and out of their several offices to see exactly how many hours they do really put in for their wage and expenses
  15. Yep, "to revise and edit".