MPS Question?

Anyone got any info on this lot?

Speaking to a mate yesterday and he told me that they are approx. 87% undermanned due to the fact that they are about to take over all the detention centers in the UK. Anyone else heard this?

I am a bit pissed off and thinking about a career change;

How long is the course?
Do you have to do Colchester for your first posting?
Whats the promotion like?
Do they still have guys on Herrick?
Do you get quals that transfer to civi street?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.



Top tip...

All the guys there are briefed before a new course turns up to go all 'ACIO' on you and only tell you the good things about the job. Also, if you're on higher pay than lower band Sgt of equivalent level, you'll mark time in pay for 2 years, then drop to lower band at the lowest level, unless you're under the AGC banner to start. So in effect an AGC musician on level 7 would start level 7 whereas a higher band Sgt would be transferred to lower band level 1 and be paid much less than his musical counterpart on completion of the 14 week course.
Oh and you'll get beasted in your first week too, just so you know how the SUS's will feel when they've just been ragged on PT and you're ripping them a new one over the state of their locker.
Didn't transfer in the end. I wanted a quieter, more stable life at the time, but the thought of losing £8k a year and getting promoted via dead man's shoes kinda put a minor spanner in the works of that particular idea. Suits some people though.
i looked into this not so long ago. decided against it in the end. you will most likely go to bulford or colly 1st. it was the fact that i would be earning more as a high band full screw than a low band sgt. Not only that, the shifts are shit. 6 days on (8hr), 6 nights (14hr) then 6 off. And it would get boring after a few years. It would be hard to make WO i think, as theres inly a few posts. No thanks, ill stick to my monday late start, sports afts and half day friday.