MPs Queen oath faces legal fight

I agree in booking the outrage bus. As the article states, we need our Bill Of Rights. As builders of Empires we are superior to the global population and wimpish Euroliberals whose owwn empires were more like ambitious allotments. Why therfore should we succumb to their dictates now?
Plenty of usefully shaped lamp posts around the place...I'll bring my knitted balaclava and a pitchfork. Now who's going to bring

a) Flaming torches
b) Angry mob
c) Pimms
d) Little Union Flags/Royal Standards
e) Stool to kick from under their feet.

Apply within


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This is ricockyoulous.

Having said that, all these human rights leeches still manage to get their way. It'll be Monarchy vs Republican season again soon.

1 full fare to Outrage upon Thames in DailyMailshire please driver.
The following entry was NOT written by me, but an ex member of "THEM", he served a lot of years ago, now its worth the read, and makes you all wonder.............

The evidence against the Queen is circumstantial, but thirty six years of circumstantial evidence cannot be dismissed out of hand. George V must have been aware that Edward VII had refused the Royal assent, and he may well have been aware that George III and Victoria did also. Asquith was a Fabian, it is possible that George V had become a Fabian before his coronation, it was fashionable in society circles at the time, Shaw, Toynbee and the like. Why should George VI send his daughter to a known Fabian for tutelage, was he also of that persuasion? What kind of monarchy do we have that sees itself subordinate to its subordinates? Such an attitude is a betrayal of the people's trust. We also have to consider the Queen's Christmas address to the nation 2004, and her Paris speech, both of which the Palace has assured us she wrote herself. And despite all our efforts to get an answer to the simple question, "is the Queen still sovereign Monarch as she was on the day of her coronation in 1953" not one single office has replied. Then there is the Rev. Phillip Foster's letter. If you are correct and the Queen is just ignorant, are you prepared to lose your country sooner than denounce her ineptitude? As a stockbreeder my opinion of the Queen is that she is a clever and powerful woman with strong leadership abilities and quite prepared to use her powers to sacrifice the nation in the interest of her personal beliefs. Perhaps you might care to consider the below, then do a little reading on the Black Nobility and the Black Pope.

Elizabeth II and the Roman Catholic Church.

1951 Princess Elizabeth visited the Pope.

1951 The Reich re-emerged as the European Coal and Steel Community.

1953 June 2nd The Queen's Coronation Oath : ""I Elizabeth do solemnly and sincerely in the presence of God profess, testify, and declare that I am a faithful Protestant."
The Archbishop of Canterbury asked Elizabeth II "Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God the true Profession of the Gospel and the Protestant Reform Religion established by law?" The Queen answered: "The things which I have here before promised, I will perform and keep. So help me God."

1961 May 5th Queen Elizabeth visited the Pope. The Queen wore black and the veil in recognition of her heresy in the eyes of the Roman Church, thus acknowledging her acceptance of the primacy of the Roman Church. To accept such primacy, which implies jurisdiction, in Rome is to imply that that primacy also applies here in England. Such recognition breaks Article 37 of the 39 Articles of Religion of The Anglican Reformed Church of England which states that "The Bishop of Rome hath no jurisdiction in this realm of England". The Pope is the Bishop of Rome.

1961 August 9th Her Majesty's Prime Minister Harold Macmillian applied for negotiations for EEC entry.

1972 January 22nd The Queen commanded her plenipotentiaries Heath, Hurd and Rippon to sign up to the Treaty of Rome. The Queen undoubtedly fully understood that, as there was no provision under the terms of the Treaty for a Constitutional Monarchy within the EU, she would be surrendering the sovereign supremacy of her office to the sovereign supremacy of the European Community. That by so doing, she would be breaking her Coronation Oath to her people which is her contract with them for their governance. That she would be stripping herself of her Sovereignty in Parliament thus destroying the authority of Parliament itself as the national legislating body in Great Britain. That she would also be breaking article 37 of the 39 of the Articles of Religion of the Anglican Reformed Church of England, and dismissing herself as Head of that Church. She would thus expose the Anglican Reformed Church to the covert insurgencies of dedicated British papists. The Queen must have been aware that the European Community was predominately of the Roman Catholic religion, that it was founded by Jesuits, and had adopted as its emblem the Halo of the Madonna, an idolatrous Roman Catholic symbol to those of the Protestant Church of England, thus breaking the Second of the Ten Commandments.

1972 October 17th The Queen gave her Royal Assent to the European Communities Act 1972.

1980 October 17th The Queen visited the Pope, she wore black and the veil, and kissed the Papal ring, a gesture of her subordination to the office of the Pope and his jurisdiction over her; and by so doing the Queen forfeited the allegiance of the British people. She could not have done this had she still been our Sovereign Monarch and head of the Protestant Reformed Church of England.

1982 The Queen invited the Pope to visit the United Kingdom, she also invited the Pope to celebrate mass in Canterbury Cathedral, the Mother Church of the Church of England, which the Duke of Norfolk, the leading RC peer, and the Earl of March were commanded to organise. Gold and platinum plaques were struck by the Royal Mint to celebrate the occasion, bearing the heads of the Queen and the Pope, thus ensuring that even if the Queen did not attend the mass in person, she would be present in image. Ultimately the event was abandoned when certain clerics of the Church of England protested that the it would break church law.

1980s/90s. Coin of the Realm. There are Gibraltan 20 pence coins in circulation which on one side depict the Queen's head, on the other an image of the Madonna and Child, both crowned and seated on a throne, bearing the inscription: "Our Lady of Europe". These coins must have been minted at the Royal Mint. The Queen must have given her approval both of their design and for their production, despite the image being in violation of the second Commandment, and idolatrous in the eyes of Protestants and the Anglican Reformed Church, of which the Queen is Head.

1992 February 7th The Queen commanded her plenipotentiaries Douglas Hurd and Francis Maude to sign up to the Maastricht Treaty thus making her a citizen of the EU. No one can be both citizen and Sovereign at the same time. Her EU citizenship was confirmed by the then Prime Minister John Major. Had the Queen still been Sovereign Monarch, Major would have been committing perjury and treason. He has never been impeached for his statement. At about this time the Queen sent the Stone of Scone back to Scotland, on the advice of John Major, an action suggesting the Queen's recognition that there would be no further Coronations of our kings or queens in our country. She has broken the Succession to the Throne of the United Kingdom.
(Coronation Service June 2nd. 1953: )

"I Elizabeth do solemnly and sincerely in the presence of God profess, testify, and declare that I am a faithful Protestant."
November the 30th. 1995 marked the day Her Majesty the Queen attended a Service of Commemoration at Westminster Cathedral to mark the Centenary of the building of this spiritual centre of Roman Catholicism in Britain. In doing so Her Majesty belied the declaration above as well as her Coronation Oath. Her attendance was intended to underline ecumenical reconcilliation and unity. In fact it symbolizes the continuing retreat of the Protestant identity of our nation and anticipates the removal of the Act of Settlement and the resulting constitutional redundance of the Monarchy. Here is another event in the ecumenical process that, step by step, is pulling up the historic roots of the Protestant throne.

1999. 12th May. The Pope was recognised as the overall authority in the Christian world by an Anglican and Roman Catholic commission, made up of Anglican and Roman Catholic Bishops, including the Bishop of Canterbury. The Anglican Bishops involved acted in breach of their oaths of allegiance to the Crown, and Article 37 of the 39 Articles of Religion.
As Head of the Anglican Reformed Church the Queen must have given her approval to the participation by the Anglican Bishops in this commission.

1999. May. The Queen made Cardinal Hume a member of the Order of Merit, an honour she has never bestowed on any Archbishop of Canterbury.

2000 October 17th The Queen visited the Pope in Rome. Again she wore black and the veil, and kissed the Papal Ring in an act of subjugation. In 2004 the Queen commanded her plenipotentiaries Blair and Straw to sign up on her behalf to the EU constitutional treaty.

The Protestant part of the Coronation Oath, detested by the Roman Catholic hierarchy, has also been changed over time. Prior to 1910, it read: ‘To maintain the Protestant Reformed Religion established by law’. George III was subjected to a strong attack on the ‘Protestant Oath’. He rebutted it with these famous words: "Where is the power on earth to absolve me from the observance of every sentence of that Oath, particularly the one requiring me to maintain the Protestant Reformed Religion? Was not my family seated on the Throne for that express purpose, and shall I be the first to suffer it to be undermined, perhaps overturned? No, No, I had rather beg my bread from door to door throughout Europe, than consent to any such measure. I can give up my crown and retire from power. I can quit my palace and live in a cottage. I can lay my head on a block and lose my life, but I cannot break my Oath. If I violate that Oath, I am no longer legal Sovereign in this country".
King Edward VII died on Friday, 6th May 1910. The following Monday, the Times published part of a letter from Irish Nationalist MP W.H.E. Redmond, to the Prime Minister, demanding that he take such steps as may be necessary to relieve the new King from the obligation

Bob Lomas. The Magna Carta Society. February 2006.
if the people that are not british dont like it then they can go and do one the queen is part of england and i will be proud to do my oath im not saying kick every one out because we need the workers but the queen is the face of england and i think were going a bit loopy cant sing barr barr black sheep or say black bord just leave things as they are

i want a seat on the bus now :(


earz30065418 said:
if the people that are not british dont like it then they can go and do one the queen is part of england and i will be proud to do my oath im not saying kick every one out because we need the workers but the queen is the face of england and i think were going a bit loopy cant sing barr barr black sheep or say black bord just leave things as they are

i want a seat on the bus now :(
Why? Is it dropping off at the education centre on the way?
I am gobsmacked. I do not know what to support now. Republic based on classic Athenian principles anyone?
Duke, I think it needs to! Is english your first language earz? Also old chap, putting your number up on a site like this is not a good idea..just a tip.
I've got the pimms and the torches.
Theprior - I would feel that there is a good chance that the aim is to get MP's into a position where they don't swear an oath to the Queen, is linked to The Europe Question - as in, if MP's no longer swore the oath, next it would be members of the armed forces, and the next thing we know, we would be further in Europe.

The Labour party, would then have nothing to stop them, in bringing about complete Euro intergration, as the Queen woundn't be reconisied as Head of State, and as such couldn't stop the Euro intergration?
it's not just the Queen it's her heirs and successors, whoever they may be."
I do recall swearing to her heirs and successors too.
We have a bill of rights. Linky If the Monarch fails to uphold our historic rights and privileges she forfeits the crown and we can choose another. Frankly, considering the utter abdication of responsibility of our monarch over the last fifty years that may be a good idea but a republic? Never!


earz30065418 said:
i hope it stops and you get off with me duke so kick sh** out of you

its called being dislexia
Internet tough guy eh?

Your spelling is not too bad for a supposed dyslexic - much more chav like really.

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